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Getting accurate consumption with a subpanel install.

We had our system installed and brought online earlier this year. Love it!!

Since then I've had a few service calls trying to get our consumption to be accurately displayed (either by mysolarcity or Tesla app).

Our system has a Main panel and a Sub-panel. At first, we were only seeing consumption from the Main Panel. Then a tech arrived and made some changes (moved CT clamps) and made things worse. Today, a tech arrived and now we are where we were originally (seeing on consumption off of Main Panel) and he now tells me they can't monitor consumption if you have more than one panel on your home. What?

This to me is a big problem since I have no way of monitoring our production vs consumption. Is this the same for others or am I being fed incorrect information?

A call to Customer Support is next....


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    Subpanels are normally fed from the main breaker panel, in which case the total consumption from the main panel would include loads powered from the sub panel. Is your system wired differently?
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