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New Model Y or used Model X?

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I plan on replacing my Audi MDX with an electric 3-row SUV in 2 years. I almost ordered a model Y, but now I am thinking maybe I will wait and buy a used X.

- how big is the back with all 3 rows seated in the Model X? Can I fit a stroller, a few bags?
- how reliable is the X?
- how much will a 2017 100D sell for in 2021 (roughly)?

Pros for X: larger, more stylish (Y is too similar to my Model 3), tow package,

Pros for Y: new vehicle, better battery technology = V3 supercharging, no falcon wing doors (my wife hates them)


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    epostby - if you have 2 years still - there is plenty that can change in battery tech on the X - we know that at some point - things are going to change on the S and X.

    My bet - you will see the X and S get battery range boosts in 2 years time... I shouldn't say bet - my thoughts and opinions.

    You have time - I would wait and see. I will say...if you don't need 7 seats, the 6 seater X feels very spacious inside. I can't tell you how many people are amazed at the amount of space in our 6 seater X. I don't think you will feel the same at all in the Y. I would be surprised if the Y had any storage room if you used all 3 rows of seats as well...

    Our X with all 6 seats used - we fit everything we need for our family for a week trip (oldest is 16, youngest 10, 4 kids 2 adults). It is amazing between the frunk and trunk how much room there really is.
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    I would also think that come 2 years from now - the X and S will be able to do V3 charging - no way they let their higher priced models not get updated to this ability - it would become more suicide for their high end market - and frankly a little laughable to me. Elon has not held up the one promise he made - any new tech would first appear on the S and X before the 3...I know that situations has forced his hand to do what they have so far...but as time goes on - they will be doing things to make the X and S on par and beyond the 3 and Y...

    But of course 2 years from now - you are comparing a used X (so one that someone probably is buying now or earlier than now) - so you won't be getting the newer stuff yet from the X....So that is a tough decision.
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    [email protected] thanks good feedback on the size of the X, my family size is now 5 with little baby girl who arrived two weeks ago, two boys one girl. The 6 seater with the captains chairs sounds like it will be the right size for us, as long as I can put some bags in the back. In 2 years we probably won't need the stroller much.

    On the battery technology, yes I assume X and S will see some major interior and battery refreshes (upgrades) within 1-2 years. The problem is that I can't afford $100k brand new X, but I can afford a $30-50k X or Y. I will probably be stuck with a 3-4 year old X with the old battery technology, as long as it is a 100 kWh battery it should be ok and I can forgo the super fast V3 charging (more time for dinner!).

    My plan right now is to buy a 2017-2018 100D X in 2021, hopefully for $35-45k.
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    You won’t touch a 2018 100D for $35-$45k in 2021... sorry but that’s a six figures car, it doesn’t lose that much in 3 years!
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    Think I have seen some people putting strollers in the Frunk of Model X. Handy space to carry a bunch of extra baby stuff.
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    Wow a stroller in the Frunk, amazing. I can fit only a backpack in my M3 Frunk.

    My guess is a 2017 X 100D will cost about $50k in 2021, which is about the same as last nights pricing for Model Y LR RWD.
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    I will need to see the Y in person and put my kids in the back to see if it will work.
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    We have a M3 and a MX. I drive the 3, my wife drives the X.
    Take an X for a test drive. It is an amazing vehicle and is surprisingly large inside (even with the 6 seat configuration that we chose). We use it for hauling stuff and when we head to the mountains. The air shocks are nice when there is snow piled up, the 3 would get high centered, I dont think anyone knows what the suspension will be on the Y. The funky doors are very nice for putting in the granddaughters carseat in the second row. Makes it effortless, other than that, I always thought they were ostentatious and unnecessary.
    To me, the X feels like a sports car pulling a trailer, my wife loves it. She says she feels safe driving it. She felt the same driving her old Suburban. No worries about "gas milage" with the bigger car which was the biggest drawback with the suburban, but the range is definitely less on the MX
    x2 on what Burdogg said about technology and changes in the next 2 years.
    I suspect you will be pleased whatever choice you make.
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    I wonder how folks will test-fit the Model Y (with their kids) when all the Tesla Stores are gone?
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