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As a position holder for the Model S, I am curious about the experiences of Roadster owners. Particularly, I would love to get a sense of the maintenance side of the ownership experience. For example:
  • What routine maintenance has been required?
  • Has your car ever needed unschedule maintenance and what was wrong?
  • How long / how much did it take to fix?
  • How was your experience using a Ranger?
  • Relative to an ICE car, how would you compare your experience in cost / hassle?



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    I'm not sure how much the current roadster experience will carry over to the Model S. By the time the S is really rolling out, there will be many more maintenance centers, and I think the S will have fewer bugs to work out. But to answer your questions anyway:

    . two annuals, that's all for routine.

    . Yes, a couple of glitches, fixed under warranty.

    . One of the glitches took a long time to diagnose; horrible intermittent behaviour. Off the road for a couple of weeks.

    . In my cases the car was trucked up to LA from San Diego; a little trivial maintenance by the ranger was good.

    . Hassle is high (distance and scheduling) but cost is reasonable, in fact low when you factor in stuff like oil, filters and brakes.
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    @ggr thank you. Helpful to hear. Agreed that model s will be different but the datapoints are encouraging. Maui ask what the annuals run? Lee
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    I had a ranger visit my home for my annual maintenance and it went very well. He and Tesla were very professional and helpful. I had a few minor issues they needed to attend to, cracked sill plates and a problem with the headliner and they cheerfully repaired both to my satisfaction.

    Now that said I was surprised that the annual maintenance is required to keep the warranty intact and for me 400 miles from a service center it costs $1000/year. Now I have never had a performance car and have always performed all my maintenance myself. So for me the price was a surprise and is more than I have spent on any car I have previously owned. I realize the Roadster is a special car and I have no idea if this will be similar with the model S.
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