Major Global Warming Skeptic-Scientist Now Convinced!!!!

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Even the most notable Global Warming Skeptics are now convinced global warming is REAL! University of California, Berkeley changes tune!...

As to what is causing it is still up for debate, however, massive amounts of carbon pollution isn’t making it better!


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    after selling modest electric car models in Houston for nearly 4 years (see ), I have learned well that people aren't interested in the electric car to stop polluting, or stop adding to man made climate change. Even people who claim to be environmentalists rarely will do anything that costs even $1 so they can reduce pollution. They are only motivated to get an electric car when the economic advantage is very clear, mostly gas prices/ total spent per week on gas gets to painful point. Then they start to be motivated. With the Tesla products, there is a glamour factor, or a conspicuous consumption factor, but I promise you no Texan will spend a dime to make less pollution-- may well be the same all over the USA.
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    Actually, it is. CO2 is a huge boon for agriculture. And warming has historically brought boom times for humans and virtually every other species. Cooling, the opposite.
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    Problem is not the warming itself, it is the speed of the warming. That changes rain patterns too fast and that means you are farming in wrong places, either too wet or too dry, and wrong crops. Species are not able to adapt fast enough either, which means huge extinction event. Those that do adapt (rats, mice, cockroaches etc. non-specialized species) boom.

    For EV:s ICE vehicles lose to BEV in performance, which will start the change. Tesla is first to show that these cars are not just glorified golf carts. I'm actually surprised that no other car maker is doing the same thing. It's up to small ones to show that ICE is obsolete.
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    The speed is identical to the last two big bursts (1850-1880,1910-1940). And probably many previous, but paleorecords aren't detailed enough to pick up on short-term variations.

    And warming is not causing any problems, and in fact is historically ALWAYS beneficial.
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    As for the "extinction event", that has been comprehensively disproven. Faulty extrapolation from isolated island ecologies. In fact, more species are being removed from the "extinct" list than added.
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