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BLACK PAINTED ROOF vs Body Colored Roof vs Panoramic Roof

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Did anybody else see that there was a choice to have the roof of your Model S painted black? Go to the design your Model S design studio and pick a color other than black ...then select roof options. I hope that a black roof is a choice or option and not the standard roof!


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    I came up with 2.5 reasons why you may want to chose the black roof, all of which are purely aesthetic with no practical advantages.

    1. Dual-color car bodies are in general an exclusive feature of upper-class vehicles. This is the .5 reason.

    2. The black roof can be used in lieu of the panoramic roof if you do not want the latter for whatever reason, but want to have your car show the same iconic lines as the Model S with its unique panoramic roof.

    3. Some particularly sporty cars (BMW M3) exhibit their black carbon roofs. The black roof option on the Model S is explicitly just the same aluminum roof as the body paint option, but it gives a very similar look.

    Mind you that in the Design Studio it looks like the black roof option is matt finished, whereas the body paint colors are polished as usual. The matt black roof combined with one of the polished light shades of body paint certainly does have some appeal to some, including me.
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    I put up a vitriolic post about the black roof option a while ago, but I'm recanting. I was looking only at the green and blue body paints, and against these dark colors the black roof option doesn't look like anything. But with the light body colors, the black roof really pops. So much so that I'm even thinking about going light.
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    thx for feedback and thoughts...will need to havign options so people can customize for their likes. I just hope it is a choice and not standard as may be implied by the webpage listing.
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