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Hey everyone. Just got my new Roadster Sport. Love everything about it. One thing that was a surprise was interior noise. I thought it was going to be whisper quiet. You can't beat the performance. I have a Viper, and the Roadster is way more fun to drive.

But, I plan on using the Roadster as my daily driver, so I need to get the interior noise down. I have the soft top. Does anyone have the hardtop? Does it cut down the noise drastically?

Bluetooth: Everyone says that it sounds like I am in a wind tunnel. Solutions? I would hate to get a headset, after I got spoiled by my Lexus. Again, not a deal breaker, just something I want to take care of. Today, I spent 2 hours on the side of the highway on a conference call!!

Any help would be greatly appreciated....


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    The hardtop does help with the wind noise at highway speeds. It does not eliminate the noise but it definitely helps.

    Also there is a fair amount of tire noise. Toyo T1R tires seem to be a bit quieter than the stock AD07's.

    I can hear the gearbox noise a little bit, but it's not significant except under acceleration.

    As for bluetooth, that's one of the limitations of driving a Targa top. The microphone is near your knee.
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    If the noise makes you park during conference (or other) calls, maybe it's a good thing! Sliced and diced attention and brain lobes are a menace. ;D
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    in my humble opinion there is only marginal difference between the soft top and the hard top. I added the soundproofing kit along with an extra 4 Dynamat kits and the noise level went from loud to tolerable in my 1.5. The Ranger said I had the quietest Roadster he has ridden in, but it is still not as quiet as my 2004 Chevy Avalanche. I can use the built in hands free at freeway speeds but I am told the background noise is noticeable.
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    I've found my iPhone earbuds w/mic. works well. The volume decreases as the quality of the road improves and when driving in the same direction as the wind is blowing. You could adjust the suspension and tire pressure to make the ride more comfortable however, your range will dimminish a bit.
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    Does your roadster have the "Interior Sound Reduction Kit"?

    I just got my 1.5 updated with the noise kit and suspension and it make it a different car. I can hear myself think when driving at highway speeds and the suspension makes the bumps not hurt anymore.

    As for bluetooth speaker phone, I gave up and use a good headset bonded to my phone.

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    All 2.5s (and some late 2.0s) have the sound reduction kit.
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    I use a Boom E headset and can hear and be heard fine. I don't bother with the speakerphone given the interior noise at anything above school zone speeds.

    BTW, head over to You'll find that where most of us Roadster owners really hang out.
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