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Interior design... Is this the Model S becomming to posh for it's own good?

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When I first saw video the Model S working prototype, the first thing I thought of was "TRON"!

Being I was part of the development of team for “TRON” (next gen), I perceived the “Model S” as more of a futuristic vehicle, in a class by itself, not just another posh-mobile..i.e. Caddy, Lincoln, or Benz, but, rather more like an exotic (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi R8, etc) type.

Now the interior looks too average, more my grandfathers car.

For example… The wood accents, and dash design now looks far to average (kind of like an iPod or iPAD with a faux wood case). I love the tec, however, the way the interior is looking now, it kind of make me feel that my gen (30 to 50 year olds) is being snubbed by the interior design staff, to appease a bunch of old fogie caddy-gramps, who will NEVER really appreciate what this vehicle really is (sorry gramps, you had your chance when GM was selling you down the toilet).

Also, the last car I drove that had the ‘Drive’, ‘Reverse’, ‘Park’ controls as a side-stick on the steering column, was my first hand-me-down 1970 Ford Maverick when I was in high school …

What happened to the really fantastic center console stack that was on the original prototype?

Maybe I'm incorrect to assume that the current Beta S is the one and only interior design style available, however, if so, I am really fearful Tesla is going in the complexly wrong direction for the serious modern executive that will use this car to its fullest!

What is everyone else’s thoughts on this subject? Do you want your grandfathers’ car, or a vision of the future?


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    I want a luxury car with the tech of the future. I'm not sure what you're saying would make you happy, but I doubt enough people would be willing to pay for it. For myself, I trust Elon's vision.
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    My fear is; the prototype WAS Elon's vision, and the current Beta S is the vision of a design staff that is thinking on a level of fear that 'status-quo old men' won't think it's 'Buck Rodgers' enough.

    Don't get me wrong, I love my cherry wood kitchen, however, I would't want to drive it!

    It NEEDS to be more TRON, and less 'Buck Rodgers'.
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    I've decided to stop fretting about the interior. At this point, I'm sure that the collective feedback from reservation-holders has been heard, sorted, and processed, and further that all substantive decisions about the interior (and exterior) design are complete. We'll see what comes out in Beta 2.0, along with the pricing sheet, and make our individual decisions about whether the combination of capabilities, features, appearance, and cost makes us want to keep our orders in place. As for me, Tesla will have to go pretty far wrong for me to cancel.
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    I agree with R.B. They read these posts, and there have been dozens related to this subject. If they haven't already taken them to heart, they're not going to, for whatever reason. The clock to delivery time is ticking; hopefully the interior will be much more likeable.

    Just as a hint, the steering wheel in the Alpha and Beta (IIRC) was from MB, and that was supposedly going to change. How much else will change? Only Tesla knows.
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    I would love more TRON and less Grandpa, but I'm happy getting more Elon and less Fiskar, if that makes sense. Also, I agree with all the posts prior in this thread as they all make sense and I'm bought into the Tesla vision.
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    @Robert.Boston said: <i>I've decided to stop fretting about the interior. At this point, I'm sure that the collective feedback from reservation-holders has been heard, sorted, and processed, and further that all substantive decisions about the interior (and exterior) design are complete.</i>

    I agree. With seven months to first delivery (assuming Elon's schedule holds), the interior design is done. Hopefully, TM has done a much better job with the display and has added a center console. If they haven't, each of us will have to make their own decision about going forward.

    I also agree with @Tikiman that TRON-like features might be a nice touch. I think it's possible to meet the expectations of those who rightfully expect "luxury" in a $85 - 90K car (talking about the Sig) and still provide a futuristic feel for the interior. All it takes is a good design that properly integrates each of the interior elements and provides one path (via options and/or material choices) to TRON and possibly another to "luxury."
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    I am with Soflauthor on this. One of the things I love the most about my 2001 Audi TT is the look/feel of the interior. It is simple, black plastic and aluminum highlights, but the lines and the general feel were totally different from the other cars out there that I had seen.

    I think simple clean lines (in line with the whole button/knob free style they are working toward) that flows smoothly into the display (which the current beta arguably lacks) will be what we end up with (I hope!). I would prefer the forward/reverse/park not be stalks as this evokes a bad response in my gut, but I won't cancel over this kind of crap, it just would disappoint me. Regarding the cupholders, I believe this was mentioned before, but apparently these were glommed on to the TT design, and they sucked, probably worse than the ones in the Beta that people seem to really dislike.
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    Ok, so how big is the market for $80,000 'TRON-likes'? 20,000/year? For how many years? I don't think so. In the video on the design process, Tesla observed they could havbe done a lot of radical things because of the skateboard, but they didn't want to get too far in front of current market tastes. While innovators and some early adopters may want to push the envelope, let's remember this is aimed at a mass production market with sufficient volume to bring in the next, lower priced model. So far, Elon has shown a good balance of innovation and business sense. I trust him or I wouldn't have put my money where my mouth is- and I wouldn't be waiting in line.
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    Well said jackhub. My thoughts exactly. We don't need another Aptera.
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    @ Jackhub, no offence, but for some of us, this car is just not a three year, $40k lease, and turn-around and get another one three years later, deal. I for one, am willing to make this vehicle the biggest car purchase I have EVER made in my life at $100k (fully loaded). I want this company to succeed, and progress into the future! 

    With that said, look at most dream car interiors (i.e. exotics), they look sporty, racy, futuristic! On the other hand, look at your average box car... cheap, conserative, plain, boring. As it stands, the body and exterior style of the Model S looks more like an exotic sports car, NOT a boxy Caddy or Volvo.

    I don't think anyone looking for your 'average' family wagon box, is remotely interested in a Model S, so why design the interior to appease this kind of non-buyer? From what I have read on these boards, most here with deposits on this car have owned fancy sports, state-of-the-art, innovative, and cutting edge vehicles, and can afford such. 

    All movie references aside, it's a matter of quality design to cater to the REAL buyers of this car! If my opinions insulte anyone at Tesla, I am sorry... I WANT YOU TO BE SUCESSFUL!!! I personally work on products that make billions of dollars, and I KNOW about what will make it and what won't! And I really want IT to MAKE IT!
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    @ Volker.Berlin... Thanks for including the extra links. I figured another one might help solidify our points.

    I guess the reality of it is, this forum as a whole, isn't trying to be picky, but rather we want Tesla to succeed!

    With that said... I doubt many of us are likely willing to forgo buying this fantastic ground-breaking vehicle (regardless what the final result looks like), however, I think ALL of us want to see Tesla sell MILLIONS of cars, so they can revolutionize the auto industry, and vehicle transportation as we know it!

    Some of us here (like myself) come from a successful design and marketing background of innovative products, and I am sure many of us have seen where a few simple flaws on a new product (that we all would have designed better), ended up being the demise of it, and or company that sold it. I for one have called out a few HUGE ones in my forty-five years on this planet (the demise of DeLorean, GM, Pontiac, Hummer, Saturn and GMC).

    The very fact that Tesla is sponsoring a forum like this, says they WANT INPUT (no matter how brutally critical). In fact, if Tesla was my company, I would rather read a thousand critical posts from intelligent successful executives, than just a bunch of spoiled fanboy Kool-Aid drinkers post praising everything without any thoughts of their own.
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    The design criteria I hope they're considering in refining the interior:
    - comfortable (seat contouring, etc.)
    - competitive ("luxury" comes from design, not marketing)
    - consistent (with the exterior)
    - futuristic ("Tron")
    - innovative (17" touchscreen is part of this)
    - inspiring (not a mini-van)
    - safety (address the 'what can I adjust by feel without looking away from the road' problem)

    When it comes to the specific features, I care much more about what is available rather than what is "standard". I don't look forward to having to go to a 3rd party to provide options that Tesla doesn't offer. I'd like my signature (including the options) to be pure Tesla, not Tesla + "pimp shop".
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    It's a mass market car. Tron-like is eye catching and good for car shows, so are Formula-1 cars, but most people don't want to live with such a car on a day to day basis. The interior is going to be most successful if it looks classy rather than a futuristic fantasy.

    Every seen the Tron-guy image? Yea, no one wants that...
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    Clean design, simple controls, and durable interior are desired.

    I have some concern the 17" monitor will turn into the "Hal 9000".
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    The BMW i8 is about as Tron as you can get. That might even pry me out of my S in a few years, but I don't want a hybrid.

    Problem with Tron looks is they get dated though.

    The car interior will need to be futuristic yet elegant and refined but NOT trendy. Trendy comes and goes VERY quickly leaving the owner with something that screams "so last year".

    I think they've done a fine job, but want to see them go back to the alpha version of making that IMAX monitor look like it grew with the dash, not got tacked to it.

    @jmatson - Hal 9000 would be an awsome skin... Needs a sound theme. "Open the panoramic roof Hal!" "I'm sorry Dave... I can't do that."
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    Ahhgh! Curse you! I did not need to see that Buick Lacrosse, dammit! That hurt my eyes. And that which is seen cannot be unseen.

    Yes, I like the way the Alpha visualy grounds the IMAX. Also like the way the dash makes the hard corners of the screen softer at the bottom by curving in. Makes it look more like an integrated display, not a big square monitor that crash landed in the dash. I remember seeing that a year and a half or so ago and my first thought was "wow". That looks like a custom display. Wonder who they got to make that in that strage format. Very distinct.
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    @jbunn - thanks for making me laugh! My thoughts exactly.

    I think most everyone likes the dash on the Alpha. Tesla knows that now. They've heard all our comments, and I trust the infotainment screen will be more integrated into the dash. Console on the Alpha was pretty cool too, except for only having one cupholder. My dad's 1963 Rambler had a bench seat in the front with no console.

    Consoles are cool. The slide-across gap (not so much). Just sayin. With that big-ol lcd hanging off the dash, you really need a console to anchor it down. Right?
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    100% agree!!
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    The Tron look will date quickly. If Tesla goes with the Tron look and one keeps the car long enough the style will come back- just like the remake of the movie. Or, maybe disco. I vote for a more enduring elegant look than Tron.

    I would love to have a Hal voice as a voice option on the car. James Earl Jones and Judi Dench voices might also be interesting.
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    Yes on James Earl Jones. Throw in a Darth Vader quote.
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    @sunny sailor, Dave70,

    "Hal voice", "Darth Vader"... Seriously, talk about dated! LOL!!!! We don't even use HAL9000 as a concept idea anymore in the in the entertainment industry. :-)

    Like I said in a few of the post above, the TRON thing is just a metaphor for making the design of the car interior more like an exotic Porsche, verses a bland Buick.

    Even Apple (one of the MOST successful companies on Earth) prefer to stick with a clean Futuristic design styles, over classic traditional styles.

    Below is a web site that shows some cutting edge futuristic concept designs...

    The reality is, 'classic-traditional' style is on it's way out.
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    Apple sticks with traditional designs, just refine it a bit. There is nothing futuristic in Apple designs. That's what makes it so successful. That's unless you have some definition of futuristic that I consider being traditional.
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    Jaguar's navy blue leather looks really nice. I think it would be great with all the Tesla colors offered so far except the green.
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