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Isn't it past time to hear from Tesla again?

Tesla has gone very quiet since the October 1 event. We were told then that they were waiting for dies from the far East, and that they expected to commence in-house production of the beta 2's for crash testing etc., probably by late October. If they are on track for a mid year retail delivery, surely those tests need to have been done by now, and that also includes the last 5% which we were told was not as yet production ready at the event. Surely, if these tests have gone as expected we should be getting the glowing reports from Tesla. Am I smelling a rat for nothing, is something sinister going on?
Come on Tesla, time for a major new blog! Everything from the company is way out of date, including the relevant parts of the S design studio, despite a small web site upgrade.
How about putting all our minds to rest regarding the interior? How about an options list? How about a price list both for the USA and Australia/other right hand drive countries?
You have been transparent up to now, time to come clean again now.


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    It's not the way they work. We're lucky they finally got rid of the Alpha pics in the gallery. After the October event, I didn't expect to hear from Tesla until either the Model X reveal or the Model S options/pricing announcement.

    Needless to say, they're meeting my expectations.
  • They have a lot of work to do now. They are finalizing the X model exterior design. They are building several beta 2 model s cars and debugging whatever problems they encounter on the production line. They are hopefully redesigning the interior of the model s. They are testing the beta 2 in desert and winter regions. Spy photos anyone?

    With Toyota and Daimler as partners, failure is not an option for TM.
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    They have been been releasing Betas to showrooms as of Thanksgiving weekend.

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  • They have a lot of staff, including those dedicated to communicaton and press. Yes, they have a lot of work, and i am just as keen a prospective owner- Sig S#9, Australian series. I made the trip to the USA especially for the event on 1 October!!! So, especially since I have to wait another 18 months or so before I can think of receiving my vehicle, I would like regular progress reports, photos of the production line, snippets of any kind - just keep us informed!!!
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    This time between the Oct event and the full options list in the Design Studio feels like the lull before the storm. As other people have pointed out we are going to get quite a bit between now and January. Also, after meeting several Tesla employees at the ride event I highly doubt they will get behind from this point on. There is way to much experience, passion and drive.

    Once the design studio is open we are going have at least a month or two of conversations so I'm not worried about this lull.

    So I'm happy so far with how they have been communicating, I wish it were more, in fact I wish, as a reservation holder I could be under NDA so I could hear the weekly production status. At the event they had a production schedule posted (outdated as it was from August/September, but it was a great insight into how they plan their work, showing critical path, lag/float days, shift expectation and quality gates. As a project manager this spoke volumes to me and I increased my interest in TSLA quite a bit. Also, after touring the facilities I still feel satiated. I've toured several different companies manufacturing facilities and theirs was top notch. And we saw *everything* and *everywhere*. This was the ultimate communication IMHO.
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    Yeah Discoducky, they really did put a lot into that October event. Wish I could have gone.

    There are a couple characters at Tesla that I'm not too crazy about, but the vast majority are folks who really know their stuff and truly believe in Elon's vision. Elon is a true leader. He's able to spell out his vision, communicate it so well to the employees that they buy into it completely, and keep the focus on it like a laser.
  • The one area they did NOT show us at the event was upstairs, where i understand, the battery packs and motors are assembled....... I did ask.... Those are of course actually in production, and were at the time of he event. Discoducky, i hope you are right and we now start getting some real info. With Christmas coming up, no doubt everything shuts down, and if it is anything like here in Australia, it takes quite some time for folks to get over the silly season, and back into a work frame of mind.
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    "They have a lot of staff, including those dedicated to communicaton and press."

    Hi dborn,

    I sincerely appreciate your desire for continual information updates, but the fact is that as a start up company Tesla really doesn't have a lot of staff. In fact their ranks are pretty thin. I think that now we can expect the beginning of a rapid increase in overall staffing levels, perhaps doubling each year for the next two years. Nevertheless, at this point in time I doubt they are flush with resources. I was frankly surprised (but extremely grateful)that the communications staff found the resources to clean up the inappropriate postings on the forum.

    As others have mentioned, I do think we will receive additional information fairly soon.

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    Yeah, I tend to agree with mycroft et al. These guys are humping with a relatively small staff to do what we REALLY want- deliver the Model S on time. Consider, how many updates we get from GM, BMW, Audi, Daimler, etc? Our problem is we've been spoiled by Tesla's open approach. They are doing what I want, working to deliver.
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    It's normal that we crave fresh details daily. It's intrinsic to an event like this.

    Delivering the first EV that can outperform ICE cars is something of a holy grail in high tech. It's the dream machine that's been years in the making, and it's due out in 7 months.

    That said, it's more important for the Tesla brain trust to focus on execution now rather than customer handholding and PR. Even PR takes thought if it's to be done well enough to help and not hurt.

    The home stretch to release a major new product is always demanding. Stick with what matters Tesla.

    Long after any well-crafted communications are forgotten, what defines this quest is the car you build. Build it right, and the agonizing wait will be forgiven.

    Doubt will be replaced with respect, suspicion with elation, and the world will indeed be changed.

    Stay focused. Stay maniacally focused.
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    As a publicly traded company, Tesla runs big risk of every bit of leaked information doing damage to their stock value. They better stick to controlled release of information in the quarterly conference calls.
    The next information to be released where announced as Model X reveal (soon) and Model S options list and pricing in the design studio this winter (winter actually lasts 3 months!).
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    At the Tesla store in Bellevue I heard they were expecting the pricing information on 12/15. Pleeeease, let it be so!
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    Pricing for the Model X or the options for the Model S? Either way, I know I'll be glued to it!
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    Wow, I hope we do get news as early as the 15th, but the FAQ on this website says, "Tesla expects to announce pricing this winter"

    Technically, that gives them all the way until March.
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    That's Elon -- only "pleasant surprises" allowed. ;)
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    olanmills: Yep. That's why I'm trying to keep excitement under control.
    Brian H: I hope you've got it.
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    And "winter" doesn't start until December 22. :-)
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    In the 3Q conference call, Elon made several interesting comments in answer to analysts questions: options and prices will be made available before the end of the year- December at the latest; and they will be balancing option pricing with margin requirements for the first 5 months or so- the first cars delivered will be heavy with options. He went on to say that limiting production to selected option packages will simplify ramping up production as well as provide needed profit margins.

    Sooo, maybe it is getting late to here from Tesla. Perhaps the 15th is a good date.
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    Another interesting comment he made was that the 160 mile model would not be produced during the first 5 mmonths or so because of the margin and production requirements. He used the example of the introduction of a new CPU. The first models out the door are high performance/feature rich, and higher priced. That covers investment and research costs. As time goes on lower priiced CPU models with fewer features are made available.
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    And maybe also producing the full mix up front is helpful for de-bugging ...

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    I agree that 12/15 is a good possibility, any latter by "the end of the year" would put the announcement in the fog of the holidays... much less impact. If they miss this window, my guess would be at/near the 2/12 investor call.
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    They announced Dec 22 for an embargoed press event in the Wall Street Journal. Embargo of photos until Feb.
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    Yep, Dec 22nd is the first day of Winter. So we may have our options and pricing announcement on that day. It meets the "Winter" promise on the website, it meets Elon's various "by the end of the year" statements, and it's still early enough that it doesn't get too lost in the holiday weeks.

    It would make a great Christmas present! How 'bout it Elon?!

    Or it could just be an announcement of specs for the Model X. :(
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    While I am hoping for more s info, the x reveal is supposed to happen by year end.
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