Better stereo for Roadster 1.5?

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I've decided I need to replace the standard JVC unit, and was wondering what other folks may have tried instead. I basically would like a better bluetooth audio connectivity and a less offensive UI.

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    I went with the basic blaupunkt when I ordered the car and been getting around to re-doing the stereo. But that day has always been tomorrow and it seems like tomorrow never comes.

    As for getting a jamming single din unit, there's not a lot out there. Especially if you want a big screen and don't want to cover the vents. I've have various headunits in the past in other cars with the popup screeens and always gave trouble a while.

    But at least there's gotta be 1000's of different headunits available for single din still. My stereo shop keeps wanting to get there hands in there and do it, but I'm a little afraid of what they might do.

    Then again having a crappy stereo is part of a real sports car? (ha)

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    I went with the base audio pkg knowing I would upgrade and the Tesla upgrade was crap. I replaced my head unit with a Kenwood KVT-696 along with the BT and Nav modules, works great. I also put in an amp to drive the Focal speakers I put in, had a custom subwoofer put in on the passenger footwell and a Audison digital sound processor installed and its a magnificent sounding upgrade top on or off.
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    which Focal speakers did you go with? PC165? After installing new head unit and amplifier, did your driving range decrease.
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    Hello. So in a strange bit of synchronicity I saw a post on engadget about an enterprising young man in Florida who turned his ipad mini into a stereo head-end the same day my bracked in my Roadster (Validation Prototype 0019) broke.

    Anyone tried ipads using the alpine head-end? did it work? Anyone have a good suggestion of someone in the bay area who could do the mod for me?

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    Try this JL Audio 8W3v3-4 Subwoofers.
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    Hi all. So I've decided. I'm going to replace the entire system with an iPad mini and some sort of head end, will report back!
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