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Living with the Tesla roadster.

Model S reservationists would like to know how the Tesla roadster is holding up. Do the AC and heater work well? How often do the tires need to be replaced? What is the real world range at different speeds? Tell us the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY of Tesla roadster ownership.


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    Stephen, I assume that this thread was inspired by Jack1's posting here:

    Just thought it should be linked so that others who have not read it, can read it first. Jack1 reports that the tires on his Roadster wear down abnormally quickly (and replacement is expensive), and that HVAC is "marginal" yet affects range more that Tesla advertises.

    Also, wouldn't it make more sense to ask those questions over in the <a href="">Roadster forum</a>, instead of here in the Model S forum?
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    Hi Stephen,

    read this blog entry for a balanced review of a roadster owner that uses his car as an all-year commuter:
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    VB, that's far and away the best and most detailed Roadster reportage I've seen. Thx.

    I left a comment about the driver footwell warming issue, passing on the hint (you all may have seen) that blocking the passenger-side vent greatly improves the heat delivery, without much (any?) loss of comfort for the passenger.
  • VolkerP......Thanks for the link. A very comprehensive review. The roadster seems to be an excellent winter car. Now I wonder what type of undercoating will be available on the model S sedan.
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    It's all good. If you don't like buying tires, don't buy a super sports car. All annoyances are minor, compared to enjoying 100% of your driving.
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