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Charging from grid at night

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    It’s winter here in the UK and using Octopus Energy as my supplier, I’m able to take advantage of half hourly variations in electricity prices.

    We don’t have enough sunshine to either power our house or charge the batteries at this time of year, so setting ‘peak’ & ‘cheap’ electricity periods on the iPhone App used to allow me to charge my Power Wall 2 to 100% during the night and then power my house using the stored cheap electricity during the day when energy prices are higher.

    Over the past month, this has stopped working, with the Power Wall only charging to about 30% at night, thus requiring energy to be drawn from the grid during expensive times.

    I’ve emailed Tesla support with images, but no reply. Can anyone help me to fully charge my batteries at night please?

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    In order for me to charge my Powerwalls from the utility company is to set the Tesla app "Storm Watch" to on. Then there has to be a notice from the National Weather Service of a storm in my area (US, Colo.). Your system may be different.
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    I have moved this to better suited thread.........
    Can anyone help. We are in uk 1PW2 4kw solar. I have found a deal with very cheap nite but expensive day.
    Set up the Tesla to charge max off peak, cost saving, worked well at first waking up with 100% battery, now i believe Tesla have changed the software to use forecasting. Some mornings we wake with 20% now and end up using high rate energy.
    We are at the point where we may need to change tariff again. Is there any option where i can control it fully, as it is my battery and not Tesla’s!!!!
    Thanks in advance.
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