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Can I upgrade from standard maps and navigation to premium if I choose the Partial Premium option on

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Hi, So I am considering ordering the Partial Premium Model 3 and was wondering if its possible to upgrade to the Premium Maps and navigation as well as the in-car streaming music and media for the $100 annual Premium connectivity fee or am I stuck with the standard options permanently?

Also I would love to be able to run Waze in my car? I see where you are able to run a version if you have a internet browser, but I believe that is only possible if you order the Tesla Model 3 with premium interior.

Does anyone know?




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    Mine is still on order, but the Tesla connectivity FAQ states that Tesla is planning to add the $100 annual premium connectivity later this year with a software update (not currently an option). I have no idea about Waze.
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    I plan on getting that plan when I pick my 3 up next week. Ill let you know, my understanding is that you can. $100 is worth it to me to upgrade the maps and have internet streaming.
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    The FAQ only states that premium connectivity options for non premium interior cars will be announced later this year. There are no details on what will be included or how much it will cost. The $100 price refers to the cost of premium interiors after the first year of ownership.
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    That announcement was sometime around July of 2018, and the premium was given a 1 yr trial, I will assume any model will have the option to upgrade, thats only my assumption. I hope that I am right but if I am wrong I can deal without it, I did not buy it for that reason but hopes of adding it.
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    Thanks Ocala.Joe! I look forward to hearing your update and congrats on your new model 3!
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    Today we received our M3 SR+ and I cannot find a way to purchase the Premium Connectivity plan. Called them a couple of days ago, and they said the plan could be purchased separately. Any idea what to look for? Can't find anything though the car interface, nor on a computer's browser.
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    I contacted my Delivery Advsor and unfortunately only the premium cars will have that option, not what I understood by reading all information online, but that can always change, someone may have to tweet the higher ups to see if they will allow all the Tesla fleet to add this option.
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    I'm going to go with the "Premium connectivity options for non premium interior cars will be announced later this year.".
  • Just took delivery on my SR+ tonight and same deal. The model in the showroom they demoed to me was apparently a premium so it had traffic etc. Mine does not. Hopefully it'll become an option. Really I think it only is the traffic that would be nice for me. Oh well. Regardless, love the car.
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    If premium interior car and non-premium interior can both get it for $100/year, then why would someone pay more for premium. It doesn't make any sense. I am guessing the pricing is going to be tiered when rolled out.
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    I world think power and range would be a big enough differentiator that you wouldn't need to deny a garage door opener, sat maps, and streaming music option from people.
  • I love the way the car drives but the way entertainment is currently set up leaves a lot to be desired. It is disappointing, that there is no am radio and no real control of your spotify, google play music castbox etc, text message capabilities. I hope the connectivity package is available real soon to elevate some of these entertainment system concerns.
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