Model 3

If there's a software upgrade to bring the LR Dual Motor acceleration close as the Performance, I wo



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    noelkrok sought to offer Tesla advice with, "They should try to keep driver loyalty so people don’t move on to the competition when they show up."

    Amazing that you have such faith in the eventual arrival of competition. I... don't. I have seen over thirty years straight of traditional, conventional, legacy ICE automobile manufacturers displaying Concept Cars at Auto Shows that supposedly illustrated their vision of... 'The FUTURE!' A 'FUTURE!' they had absolutely NO PLANS of EVER REACHING.

    So, pardon me if I say, "[FOUL] those guys!" Decades of insincerity, constant lying, and marketing [BOLSHEVIK] may well expose me as being rather gullible, and that is embarrassing, perhaps. But, my sense of loyalty was transferred readily to Tesla due to their actually DOING WHAT THEY SAY THEY WILL.

    I have NO remaining faith, hope, or enthusiasm that the traditional, conventional, legacy, ICE automobile manufacturers have any solid inclination to actually COMPETE with Tesla, in the Mission of ELIMINATING ICE vehicles in their entirety.
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    Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays All!!!
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    Tell the OP to start a thread requesting the Super Lotto numbers.
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