President Donald Trump more environment-friendly than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

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Interesting read on how Canada’s PM Trudeau is faking the EV virtue signaling with his finance minister Bill Morneau

“What’s perhaps even more interesting is the Liberal’s choice of $45,000 as the break point for this subsidy — vehicles with a “manufacturer’s suggested retail price” greater than 45-large are not eligible for the federal rebate. While choosing $45,000 as the limit may seem politically astute — so as not seen to be a sop to rich Tesla buyers — it’s horribly obvious that no one in the Liberal finance department spent even a minute researching the actual price of electric vehicles. If they had, they would have quickly determined that $45,000 was a particularly unfortunate/inconvenient/market-altering cut-off.

To wit: While some of the new major players — Nissan’s Leaf and the Chevrolet Bolt, for instance — have base MSRPs just below $45,000, their popular trim levels are all well above that demarcation. For instance, while Chevrolet’s base Bolt EV starts at $44,800, the Premier versions go for $49,800. Indeed, of the 403 Bolts currently for sale on Chevrolet Canada’s online auction, only 54 would qualify for the rebate. Nissan’s Leaf is in the same boat: While the two base models do sneak in under the $45,000 mark, the two more popular versions of the new, longer-range Leaf Plus are both over $45,000. And pity poor Hyundai. The Kona Electric — hardly what anyone would consider a “luxury” vehicle — starts at $45,599 and will not be eligible for the new federal rebate.

Indeed, it’s hard to understand exactly what Mr. Morneau was thinking when he proposed the $45,000 cut-off. Is this, as I alluded to, some not-so-subtle exercise in social engineering, the Liberals expecting automakers to reduce the price of their EVs? Unlikely. Do they hope more Canadians will buy base-model Bolts? Even more unlikely, as we of the Great White Frozen North are famous for preferring fully optioned cars of all kinds. Or did they simply not do their homework, unaware that so many popular EVs lie just outside their arbitrary $45,000 cap?“


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    The Liberals have a suspect relationship with EV subsidies. When the Liberals ran the Province of Ontario, EV subsidies were available for large gas SUVs with a small amount of battery capacity. If my memory serves me, a luxury branded vehicle worth around $65,000 could receive about $13 thousand. Any vehicle over $75,000 was considered to be a luxury vehicle that could not receive an EV subsidy - meaning all Teslas at that time.

    Now the federal Liberals have announced an EV subsidy with the maximum sticker price limited to $45,000 which again excludes Teslas as well as other competent battery electric vehicles. The basic Bolt comes in just below $45,000 but most buyers will want some options like more battery capacity that will blow the price through the limit unless the final regulations allow options above the sticker price.

    I heard mention of another part of the EV handout scheme which allows businesses to buy PHEV vehicles and get a subsidy. Perhaps this is the real target for the subsidy program.
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    There is nobody less environmentally friendly than Donald Trump
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    No where in article is bone spurs mentioned, why is he in your headline? Obviously you never worked as an editor.
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    @SCC: Only those who own him
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