Any Roadsters for Rent in/around Chicago?

I am from a small, Chicago-based production company that is interested in producing a spec commercial for the Tesla Roadster. Due to the apparent rarity of these vehicles (especially in the Midwest), we are asking any Roadster owners to offer their vehicle for 3 days of production. We will gladly compensate the owner for their time and any wear on the vehicle (we only expect to drive about 100 miles). I am sure we can work out figures that will satisfy both parties. We are properly insured and can provide full coverage for property and liability.

We have already met with several people from Tesla Motors, and they say our best bet to acquire a vehicle is to try the forums. We look forward to any responses!

We are very passionate about this product and company and would love to work with anyone who is interested! Please email me to discuss any further details...


EMAIL: [email protected]
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