Watch out Model 3 in inventory changes price when you buy

edited November -1 in Florida
I went to the Tesla store with my son and they showed him the inventory of Model 3's on a notebook, he select one and the price was 48,000. He gave them 2,500 down and signed the contract. Then they posted the finance option on his account,but instead of the price 48,000 the price was now 49,500. This Model 3 have been sitting in Miami since January and he was told that that was the price that time, but now it was 1,500 more. Even they show the price and he signed the agreement they would not honor it.

I have been promoting Tesla on more than 12 EV show and let people try out the car, but this was a big disappointment, I'm not going to promote Tesla again.

He canceled the order and they now lost two customer. I have a Tesla X where the Lease is up in September and I'm not going to buy any cars from Tesla again.

Looking forward to all the other EV's coming next year.


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