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ConEd Time of Use: New meter for EV

edited November -1 in New York
I understand the program has very limited adoption due a number of issues - however the economics are very enticing longer-term especially if the plan is to have multiple teslas and you do not have options like Free supercharging.
Was wondering if anyone here has had any experience installing the separate meter under time of use? If so, can you share how was the permit applied for by the electrician? I am in the process of exploring this and i can find materials that reference waivers from the City code requirements but my electrician is stomped because he can not figure out how to pull a permit under the waiver and the DOB has no clue about the program or the waiver.

Electric Vehicle Time Periods and Delivery Rates
Hours Midnight to 8 a.m.
TIME-OF-USE DELIVERY RATES Off-peak rates: 1.54 cents/kWh
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