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Tesla storing info in our cars

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To the surprise of nobody....


Posting this here because the M3 forum is a cesspool & "GreenTheOnly" drives a Model X.

Interesting info in this article. Especially if you hack your car, you're flagged internally & get updates last.

Now I have to figure out how to turn the "flag" off. Haha


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    I don't hack my car but I wonder if I'm on that list.
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    I'm sure every car company does the same - nothing really special about Tesla. Still, I suspect much of this information will get encrypted at some point - likely by Tesla long before other automakers start thinking about it.
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    @TeslaTap - I disagree. Tesla is unique in how automated the car is. There is WAY more data being collected and being shared back to the mothership than traditional car companies. But IMO it's a price we are paying for the disruption in the industry. Why are any of us surprised is what baffles me. Anyone who believes that Apple didn't do the same thing when the iPhone was released needs an education in 'big-data'. Anyone who thinks facebook was created so we could find old high school friends also needs the same lesson. Big data is part of our current economy and how we will market for the foreseeable future. There is value in the data.

    Think outside the box for the good in the data, not the evil. For instance think about the 3d model of the international roadway system that Tesla is currently building. Realize that the data is being collected with parallax information (3 forward facing cameras). Here's one possible use for that data. Tesla literally can catalog every pot hole in the road and can rank them by size and depth. Do you think that data might have value to government agencies responsible to maintain roads?

    Clearly there are evil things that can happen. But we as a society need to embrace and harness the good and protect against the evil.

    my 2 cents
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    +1 @bob.... +1
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