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Solar efficiency: tiles vs panels

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Can anyone with experience comment upon the solar efficiency of having the new Tesla glass tiles placed upon their roof vs standard solar panels? I live in a 150 year old house and am considering replacing the roof in the not too distant future. Obviously the asthetics of the Tesla tiles would blend into my old house much better than panels, but I'm curious to know if there is a significant difference in efficiency between tiles as compared to standard solar panels.


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    New England here... 1855 house. Tesla installed the black-on-black panasonic panels - with the black skirt on on all three sides of the array. The system was installed symetrically on the roof and it looks terrific. Total price, complete install came to $2.95 per watt.
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    My tiles were quoted at 1197ft^2 and 13.32kW. So that suggests ~11.1W/ft^2. One thing to keep in mind is that since they're smaller than normal panels, you might be able to put them in areas normal panels couldn't fit, due to setback requirements, for example. So only so many ft^2 of your roof might have qualified for panels, but you actually might be able to get more ft^2 of producing tiles, helping counter the lower watt density. I was told that they wouldn't have been able to put the same wattage worth of panels on my roof due to setbacks around vents and the like.
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