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Hi everyone,

My name is Marc Pujol and I have developed Teslastics (, a platform to monitorize and analyze your Tesla.

Once you create an account and link your car, it will capture every single drive and charge.
You will be able to access them and see their details in charts, images and more...

It tracks your battery capacity and warns you if it decreases. You can view your battery degradation.

It tells your driving and charging efficiency at each location.

You can tag locations and set a price per kwh. Then it will calculate all your charging costs.

It doesn't prevent the car from sleeping to minimize the vampire drain.

It also has a calendar view, map view, email notifications, and much more features...

Accessible through computer, mobile, tablet or even the tesla browser.

More details are available at its webpage.
I would love to recieve users feedback and new ideas.
Try it at!


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    How is Teslastics different from other similar products such as TeslaFi?
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    or Stats? If you're going to advertise, tell me why I should buy yours as opposed to your competitors.
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    I like the charts. Will give it a try.
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    Hi @EVRider and @Frank99,

    Thanks for asking. These are some of the features that makes special:

    - Regarding to the UI, I have tried to use a good-looking design.

    - It list the top efficient drives or charges.

    - It has a savings page with your costs and savings compared to a gas car.

    - It warns you through email notifications when your battery range decreases.

    - It has an interactive widget to view your drives minute by minute.

    - Drives and charges charts has more parameters.

    - I’m also working on a tool to compare the efficiency of a charger o a drive (always with the same origin and destination). it will show the efficiency according to every single parameter (inside/outside temperature, climate state, fan status, etc...)

    And I'm waiting for feedback from users to add the features they ask! :-)
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    At the moment the page is available in English and Spanish. I'm currently working on more translations.
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    @carylouder, FLAGGED.
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    Just added token registration.

    When you create an account, now you can choose between giving your Tesla credentials or giving an access token.
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    Doesn't that token give the holder unfettered access to the telematics, including starting the car and locking/unlocking?

    No offense, but it would be a cold day in hell before I'd give that to an off-shore developer.
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    Yes, the token gives access to the car, because that's necessary for analyzing the data. It's true that Tesla could build a read-only API. But they don't. Until they do, at Teslastics we don't use the API to send commands to the car (unlike other services). We only use the token to access data.
    We also focus on security, encrypting all the data. We save the tokens in a different database in which even the owner has no access, it can only be accessed by the process that requests the data.
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    "monitorize" ?
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