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Sunroof won't close, next appointment through app is in May

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Which is a month away.


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    Do you live close to SC? If so, drop by and ask for help.
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    Use the phone app to close the sunroof while standing outside your ride then guide the sunroof to close and press on the it to completely close it.

    Alternatively, ask someone else to sit inside the car and issue the close action via the MCU, Then manually close the sunroof per above.
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    Don't go through the app.
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    The app is the worst place to make an appt. I always call the SC directly, and get an appt within days. Just got back from a visit today, and if I had used the app dates, I'd have been waiting until 4/29 instead...
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    rob, SoCal Buzz is right. lilbean is right. When you drop in, - early one morning, take two dozen donuts with you. Smile too. Gets the job done.
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    In case you haven't tried it, try to open the sunroof all the way and then close it. That's what worked for me when I had that issue.
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    arry | April 3, 2019
    The app is the worst place to make an appt. I always call the SC directly,

    My experience is the opposite. With the app, I can get an appt in 2 days. if I call and press 2 to get the local (Denver) SC, nobody answers and "our mailbox is full."
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    Wow thanks for all the great responses!

    I have just shown up to my nearby SC 2x in the last year, both with tires that were not holding air, and they were fine about it, really good actually. Was going through the app because I thought it might be something they could fix with the mobile unit.

    After reading this thread I went down and tried to guide it to close and did get it to where it is basically closed (YAY!), but will probably still head down there today, looks like the rubber around the opening is mangled.

    Thanks again! Consider myself lucky that I live so close to a service center. Hopefully will not be too crazy for them.
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    My sunroof sometimes closes, but doesn't stay closed. It closes, then opens up 25% and stops, so there are times when I can't close it all the way and rain could pose a problem with an open sunroof at the movies or mall or park or wherever...

    anyone know what to do to keep this from happening?
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    Make a service appointment?
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