Navigation problems with Atlanta I-75 Express Lanes

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Has anyone else had problems with nav system routes using the Peach Pass express lanes on I-75 in the Atlanta Northwest corridor?

In my Model 3, the navigation system refuses to route using the Express Lane toll roads during my commute into Atlanta, regardless of traffic. If I turn navigation on and just drive onto the express lanes ignoring the nav routing onto the normal I-75 lanes, the navigation system seems to understand where I am most of the time, but continues to route me off of the express lanes at every exit.

Note, yes I have the correct settings to use toll roads and HOV lanes. I connect to WiFi daily to ensure I have the most recent map updates.

Also, lately there are key sections of the express lanes where the GPS seems to get confused and briefly think thst I am driving on surface street nearby (or below). In these sections, if I have navigate on autopilot enables, it frequently prompts lane changes thst make no sense (e.g. move left 1 lanes when already in the leftmost lane).



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    I have the same problems and reported them to Tesla yesterday via the help section of the Tesla website just yesterday. I also have problems with NOA asking me to start moving to the right, out of the HOV lane, at West Paces Ferry when I don't actually need to exit until I-85 SB by the airport. I usually choose to start moving over just after the Grady Curve, which is still pretty early but West Paces Ferry is laughably early.

    I use the toll lanes and HOV lanes daily and until these problems are fixed, the newly improved NOA will be pretty useless to me.
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