Tesla's ownership by state

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Where can I get some data on Tesla ownership by state?

Appreciate any help/links... Thank you.


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    Why? Just curious.
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    I live in Texas... where Tesla cannot sell directly. So was trying educate some of the Texas lawmakers on how much the state has lost in sales tax revenue...
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    MSMS75D, they may not have lost any tax revenue. Each state is different but here in CT, owners have to take delivery in NY. CT gets the difference in the sales tax upon the car being registered in CT. That is an agreement with NY. Where do people in TX take delivery? More specifically who is getting the sales tax revenue?
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    In Texas you can still buy the car online, once it delivers to Texas you have to register the car and pay sales tax in Texas, no lost revenue there.

    What you can not do in Texas is walk into a Tesla store and buy a car from the lot.
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    The lost revenue really comes from making it harder to buy the product in the first place, maybe compare Tesla sales per capita Florida vs Texas to derive what revenue they might be missing out by having customers jump thru hoops.
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    @jordanrichard , @El Mirio

    How can a state collect sales tax, if Tesla cannot sell in Texas?

    My understanding is that Texas does lose the sales tax revenue.

    Texas only gets Registration/Transfer/Titling Fees/State Inspection/Operating permit fee which all amounts to less than $300 (based on my purchase last year).
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    Tesla is not permitted to do direct sales from a lot, but Texas cannot block interstate commerce, hence the online ordering.

    You should go over your paperwork again, maybe the taxes where rolled into your financing? See last post on below thread.
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    I live in Michigan. Not allowed to have sales or service centers.

    Fortunately can still order online and get car delivered as well as get mobile service.

    Michigan got my sales tax when I registered the car.
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    Also there were some recent changes when it comes to sales tax, aka use tax for interstate commerce.

    The states blocking Tesla are not loosing sales tax revenue, as far as I understand the new ruling is now shifting the burden to the seller, ensuring that states do get their taxes.
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