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Does anyone have a suggestion for how to setup a household visualization of our power usage? I want to interconnect with my new Tesla solar power system and provide a visual somewhere in the house of our constant usage. To save time, I am hoping something already exists on the market for this, but am willing to take suggestions on creating something myself.


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    If you have PW2 batteries and solar, you have a ready made visualization of your home energy usage over entire 24 hour day, including solar, grid usage, and Powerwall battery usage with the Tesla Energy Gateway application. It provides an excellent visual summary, and I love the output.
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    Also consider installing a Neurio energy meter. I had one installed for a couple of years before we had our PW2 installation. They should give you what you need to monitor your energy usage.
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    Oh! This article has suggested to me many new ideas. I will embark on doing it. Hope you can continue to contribute your talents in this area. Thank you.
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    Are you looking for something like this? Sense home energy monitor
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    This article is really amazing. Thanks for sharing this info with us.
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    Nice post.
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    Uh. I'm looking at real time usage with graphics on what is going where, and by how much on the Tesla app.
    I did have to go out and get an iPad, and WiFi router. World's most expensive monitor? Not quite, but still a good chunk of change. However, the graphic info is great.
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    Got a spare old phone? Just load the Tesla App and mount it somewhere. Or, if your old phone has the ability for a video out cable...hook it to a monitor and tuck the phone behind the scenes. Or any old tablets laying around?
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    I always love the Tesla innovations and really wanted to hear more from you. Please keep posting.
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    Ok Tesla, why did you have to mess with the usage display in the phone app???? I really liked and used the line graph display, especially when I could go back one day to compare. Now that has been eliminated and it goes from Today to a Week display in bar graph mode. :-(

    What I really wish was everything would be available on the website so I would not have to fool around with a dinky phone screen. You have the data and resources, use it.
  • What you want to do is a really great idea, I had this kind of thing in my head.
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