Simply 'upgrade' for Sentry Mode

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I like to keep SM on whenever I'm parked. With that, I have tons of video stored on my USB drive. It would be nice if I got a notification if/when Sentry Mode is activated, so I know there is video to review.
Without a notification, I have no idea if video is of interest or it ultimately is deleted...perhaps improperly.
This seems like a simple upgrade...just sent me a notification when SM is activated.
I know I get one when the alarm is actually triggered...but by then, of course, it's too late.


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    Sentry Mode is like a box of chocolats, you never know what you are going to get (my apologies to Frrest Gump)
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    Shouldn't Sentry Mode only record video when there's something to record, i.e., when the car goes into "Alert Mode" (which is the mode you're asking to get a notification for)?
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    Stats app on iOS has this feature. Plus ‘safe zones’. GPS locations where you don’t want SM partying with your USB drive.

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    Maybe if you have Stats, the app, you can ask the developer to send an alert if the cameras are triggered. Currently, it sends alerts if I leave the car unlocked, or if the Climate is on, or half a dozen other things. He's very responsive to user requests!

    Me, I always walk around my car to look to see if there's anything new. I don't want to look at the videos, otherwise. If you do look at the vids on your USB stick, you'll see that Sentry mode is recording people walking past, and cars pulling out and into parking spaces within viewing distance. All rather normal and boring stuff. You're going to have tons of boring video to review if you want alerts.
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