Model 3

Would like option to update Navigation to Satellite and Add Browser and Streaming

I purchased the standard plus that did not include the upgraded navigation (with satellite view and traffic), the browser or the streaming. Now, after having driven a loaner while my car was in the shop, I would like to have the option to purchase these items in a software upgrade. Can this be made available?


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    Maybe. Time will tell.
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    Where can Premium Connectivity be purchased?
    Tesla owners will be able to purchase Premium Connectivity through the in-car touchscreen. We anticipate rolling out this functionality later this year.
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    That's great! This is what I am writing about as well. I want the premium connectivity!
  • When they announced the base SR they said it would be at SR+ that was software crippled to not have music streaming, which would seem to imply that music streaming is coming to the SR+... Or else they think FM radio and bluetooth count as music streaming and are killing those on the base SR.
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    I seem to remember that Tesla were intending to offer "premium connectivity" to SR+ owners, but I haven't seen anything further.

    Providing they charge more than the service costs them, it seems silly for Tesla not to do that, but its going to be tricky to figure out cost and therefore price. At least $100/yr, but that seems way low.
    They currently buy data from AT&T and that's the biggest expense, and I don't know how much data they use or what the wholesale value it, so maybe price it between $15 - $30/month. Would you pay that?
  • Wait, what! People pay for music??
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    Take my money! ASAP!
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    Other than the latest price and Lineup changes, I haven’t seen anywhere where the SR + includes the streaming. Does anyone have a link to read more?
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