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Wind Noise and Window Trim Movement

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I have an early 2017 build (May). I'm getting quite a bit of wind noise from the driver's window where the rubber is joining the main window and the small triangle window. Is this common/normal? It does seem to vary over time and if I nudge the window up/down it changes but never goes away. Sometimes pushing on the rubber piece quiets it a bit.

Also, the chrome trim on the door moves up when the window closes. I find myself having to push it back down every now and then, but it comes up every time the window moves. I'm wondering if this is either the source of the wind or a contributor. Only the driver's window is victim to this.

Anyone have any experience with something similar? Easy fixes perhaps, that a mobile ranger could do?



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    @SnoR, most definitely get a Ranger out to fix it up for you. We saw this early on with the 2012/2013 builds, and then they got better, but glitches do happen. Could be a combination of window alignment, seal and trim..
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