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"live traffic visualization" included in "Partial Premium Interior"?

I'm kind of confused with a tiny detail:
when I order a Model 3 standard range plus with partial premium interior now, will "live traffic visualization" be included?
I understand that "satellite views" come with premium interior only, but does that mean in partial premium interior
a) there are vector maps for navigation, without red/amber/green lines along the roads indicating the real-time traffic as shown on google maps, or
b) there are vector maps for navigation, with red/amber/green lines along the roads indicating the real-time traffic as shown on google maps
Thanks for helping to sort it out.
BR, Joerg


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    No, live traffic visualization is only included with the full premium interior. You can see this on the Model 3 page ( if you scroll down to the Specs section and expand the list.
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    It says it will be available for purchase sometime later this year via the touch screen. I guess we shall see.

    It’s also confusing because Tesla in the recent press release stated the base standard will be a SR + but software limited battery and no streaming or live navigation traffic.
  • Do you have a quote for the option to purchase it online later? Seems I missed that
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    See for details on buying Premium Connectivity.

    Note in particular the following:

    “Will there be a trial period for Premium Connectivity?

    For all Model S and Model X cars ordered on or after July 1, 2018, Premium Connectivity will be complimentary for one year after delivery, as well as all Model 3 cars with Premium Interior. After the complimentary period ends, Standard Connectivity will be available for all cars at no cost, and Premium Connectivity will be available for purchase via the in-car touchscreen. Connectivity plans for Model 3 without Premium Interior will be announced later this year.”
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    The SR+ gets traffic based navigation, which considers traffic when plotting routes, but doesn't visualize it on the map.
    Premium gets both.
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    Thanks EVRider! This makes a bit more happy with my purchase compared to mid range
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    Those who purchased before 7/1/18 get premium connectivity for life? Or how long?
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    @wiscy67: Yes, for life. Read the article I referenced earlier.
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    Still waiting for this option to be available for purchase on the touchscreen. I mean betting this takes years. Such easy money for them.
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    Would have been easier money if everyone just bought the Long Range or above. And if they kept strict to their pricing
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    We have a Tesla that was upgraded, but we didn't see a difference
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    These features are probably on your car but you have to toggle between settings. Go to maps and hit the traffic signal icon and/or globe icon in the bottom right.
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