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Dead PowerWalls two and a half months and counting

My PowerWalls stopped getting charged/discharged almost three months ago. All I see is that the power flow monitor shows no electricity flow of any kind.
I called Tesla Support 7 times as of today. First time I was told that it was antenna that they are replacing and that they are waiting on the parts. They said they would have a part in a few days; nothing happened. I called again to be told that the parts are arriving on the 21st of March and that they would call me to schedule the repair. I waited a whole month and called on the 23id. Still no parts; was told that they are coming in on the next Friday. Called again a few days after the mentioned Friday; they told me the part is coming in on Monday. Waited: nothing. Called again last week to be told that the part is definitely coming in on Friday the 12th of April and that they would call me on the 15th to schedule the fix. Nothing, again. Just called in (17th of April) and was told that the parts are not in and that they have no idea when they may get them. Unbelievable.

I am a Tesla fan. I have Teslas S and X. I installed PowerWalls as soon as they became available. Hugely disappointed in the company. The Support really does not care. What is more troubling is that they have no idea if and when they can repair the PowerWall that is still under warranty.

Dream on about going off the grid. Clearly impossible!


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    For clarification, these are both PowerWalls 2.
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    Follow up: I have just called Tesla again. Still no parts available. Still no idea when they would be available.
    Full 3 months down and zero hope for a fix.
    Exceedingly frustrated and disappointed.
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    Where are you located @snovakov? Your story is definitely unacceptable. I would suggest writing a letter to Elon Musk. Someone at the very top needs to be informed, that your level of non-support on your PW2 problem is unacceptable. That said, I live in Edmonds, WA and got our 2-PW2 installation in June 2018, and have been absolutely blown away with how well they have worked for us over the past 10 months. No performance problems at all over this period. Hope you get some attention soon. Time to seriously rattle some cages.
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    Sorry about your experiences, S. I just had a PW2 installation about a month ago and so far, so good. I have to agree with you, though, that customer support has been incredibly below par. I had some technical questions about the gateway and the WiFi connection and even though it was pretty quick getting in touch with someone in support, the follow through was just terrible. I got very generic, non-technical responses and essentially no answers to my questions. Very disappointed.
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    Tesla-David, thanks for your suggestion. I did email Elon and finally got a response from a Tesla analyst. Hopefully, this will speed the things up. BTW, I had mine installed in Summer of 2016 and up until the point of antenna failure had nothing but praises for the PowerWalls 2.

    I am located between San Francisco and Sacramento, Davis, to be exact.
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    May 2, 2019. Another update. I have received a second call from a Tesla representative. She promised to keep an eye on my case and assured me that the fix is coming. But, and this is a big but, she also has no idea: "when the parts will become available in the parts warehouse that services your area". Now, let's think about this: three months of waiting on an antenna, supposedly the same one that they are installing into all new PowerWalls that are assembled in Reno every day and one is not available for my fix. If I were not located on the same highway that all Tesla parts must pass on their trips between the Reno factory and the one in Fremont, I might buy the excuse. But being located 2 hours from Fremont and not much further from Reno puts me in the center of Tesla operations. Imagine if I were located in the middle of Canada? Would that be one year wait? I am getting close to requesting the PowerWall swap as the current ones clearly cannot be fixed. I am yet to find out what kind life span damage is caused to the batteries that are sitting empty for this long... More to follow.
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    Sorry to hear that you're still waiting for your part. Unfortunately, I had a similar experience. My PW2 was running smoothly for 8 months then stopped communicating. After waiting 1 month for an antenna, I found out my neurio needs to be replaced as well. Their parts department is completely separate and there is no communication between service and parts. After calling every week and numerous emails, i got a response from parts after 2 more months. I was hoping their response would be better since that was half a year ago. Hope you get your part soon.
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