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Navigation on Autopilot Problem

I am surprised I have not found much discussion on the topic of Navigation on Autopilot (please point me to the right place if I am wrong). Since the last update, I have been loving this new feature. It did not take me much time to realize that using the volume scroll does not work as hands on the wheel and a slight torque is the best way to keep the autopilot happy. Needless to say, I am extremely happy with how my model 3 (almost 9000 miles) is navigating busy san diego freeways.

During my routing drive in the morning to the Y (on my way to work), the car has to go from freeway 805 South to 52 East. But everyday it misses the freeway interchange and later makes correction to use another route. Has anyone else faced such issues? The lane in 805 actually bifurcates into two (one going straight and one to the off ramp to 52). My suspicion is Autopilot is not very good with such bifurcation. Would love to hear if anyone found a solution.


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    There are many topics on here about navigation on AP but this forum is difficult at best to search for anything with the only options to use google and only after the crawlers have found newly posted content. Anyway, Yes I have had issues. two days ago I went from 5 S to 94 E and made the interchange but them there were several lanes, some traffic, so AP chimed in and said you are up human being! I know the 805 S to 52 E as well since I live in San Diego but have not tried there yet. I think there is still more to do with AP on freeways let alone surface streets, but I like what I have been seeing particularly navigate on AP with automatic lane change!
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    Yes I have a couple exits it does not handle. In most cases, it will say "Navigate on Autopilot ending in 500ft" and count down and disengage before the exit, but I do have an exit that confuses it and it just goes straight. In that case the exit is a non-exit only lane that trifurcates into two exit lanes and the one lane that continues straight. It struggles to decide which exit lane to take then suddenly swerves back onto the straight lane and misses the exit.
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    It might help to make a Bug Report, though according to Musk anytime Autopilot is disengaged the system send data so the neural network can be updated.
  • My 2018 Model S get mixed up about it's own location. I'll be driving along a street, and the arrow on the map will be on some parallel street a few yards to the right or the left. Navigation instructions are given based on where it thinks the car is, so every block it tells me to turn right (or left) to get on the street I'm already on. This happens pretty often; seems like it never happened until a few months ago. Sometimes when I boot the computer, it fixes itself. But not always.
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