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"Car is in production" - for 16 days now? New upgrades?

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I orderd a new Model S Performance as late as I possible dared to wait until possible price increases.
Confirmation date:20 Mar 2019
VIN: 310xxx
Got the VIN at: 5 Apr 2019

Same day it went into production, and thats where it has stayed.

I assume that the long production is either due to that they are missing parts, perhaps batteries, leather for the seats or something else simple.


My car is one of the first cars that receive some new tech? Could it possible be like that? Im fine with waiting if thats the case :)

I read that normal "in production" stretches from 2-6 days, but this sounds a bit strange. I have also contacted service center and they confirmed that the car is still in production, without giving any more info.

What are your thoughts?


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    Does it say in production or in production queue. The queue means it is scheduled for production but is not yet in production.
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    It says that it is in production and has said so since the 5th of april.
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    They are probably still producing cars for overseas deliveries this quarter. They'll make yours soon.
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    Often the status stalls at a point long after it has been shipped or even arrived at the destination. There is a big difference between status shown "in production" and actual production time. Where is your car going to be delivered? Going to Europe or Asia takes a lot longer than a delivery at Fremont CA.
  • edited April 2019 maybe. But it still says under production and when i Called Tesla they told me the same thing. Its going to be shipped to Sweden.

    Still no changes to the old option codes so I really wounder what is going on. My build might have been delayed since it ha to go with a Ship that leave in a month or so.
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    I ordered March 13th, conf date March 20th, VIN 310xxx, destination ITALY

    status changed on April 24th, from ‘in production’ to ‘your car is ready, moved to port in US, for delivery’

    Tesla IT is forecasting arrival end of May

    I expect no newly announced features on it ... most likely one of the very last with two induction e-motors on it & “old” range - “old” smart air suspension ie not fully adaptive

    I should just benefit of faster recharging (V2/150kw, V3/200kw) - as anyone else - if correct that it will be delivered via a software update released OtA ...

    nothing else, unfortunately
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    Umberto: have you checked if your option codes has changed? Then you know
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    no changes on suspension code (SU01)
    no option codes at all on motors
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