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Where would you like to see Tesla set up Super Chargers?

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I have a couple long drives I undertake and came up with a list that would be convenient for me. Somehow I think Tesla will take a wider array of people into account :)

Here is where I would like to see them (for my personal convenience of course :) )
North Bay, ON
Barrie, ON
Stratford, ON
Niagara, Falls, ON
Erie, PA
Morgantown, WV
Beckley, WV
Charlotte or Statesville, NC

I actually anticipate Tesla will concentrate their super chargers in/near their hottest U.S. markets (at least initially), but I can dream about them being in more out of the way places.

Where would they suit you best?


  • phbphb
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    No specific places pop into mind necessarily, but I'll tell you the KIND of places that I'd like to see them

    - Great places to eat (not just McDonald's parking lots)
    - Roadside attractions (like major state parks or monuments where people are likely to stop for a tour or the like)
    - Shopping centers (malls, outlet malls, etc)
    - Basically any place that might have an alternate activity that I can burn an hour doing

    A lot of the charging locations that I've seen so far would be great for charging over time while at work but Super Chargers need to be in places that are attractions in their own right for one reason or another. The times that I will want to Super charge are times when the time it takes to charge matter, which means long drives. I don't need, or even want, a supercharger at work or in my garage or even at my hotel (although 240v 30-50amp would be great), I do want one at the place I would be willing to stop anyway on a long road trip.
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    100 mile intervals along highways 5 and 101 in California, Yosemite, and South Lake Tahoe.
  • phbphb
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    As an Oregonian I'm insulted that you would stop your installations at the boarder! Besides, it seems to me like a lot of California residents can't manage to stop at the boarder anyway! (okay, really bad joke) I was actually thinking that all up and down the pacific coast highway would be a great idea (along with I-5).
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    i'd like to drive my model s home from CA. so, scattered across the united states to massachusetts about 250 miles apart.
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    Everywhere. No seriously. Gas stations are everywhere.

    However, I don't really think this will be all that necessary, since you'll be able to "fill up" every night, but for convenience sake, when you're in a pinch, it would be a great comfort to know that there's always some place nearby you could go.

    When millions of people are driving electric cars, somebody's going to build pay-for charging stations, because it will make business sense. I actually think it makes a lot of sense for the gasoline retailers to do it.
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    Half way between LA and Phoenix.
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    +1 Dennis!

    There's a glaring hole in the country's EV charging infrastructure across the Great Plains all the way to the Central Valley. Build along the I-20 and I-80 corridors.

    Tesla's already conveyed its intention of building out the east coast I-95 corridor, though only from DC to Boston. They should extend that northwards into Maine (a popular skiing and summer vacation destination) and southwards to connect DC to Florida (a popular winter destination). A lot of people maintain homes both in the north and in Florida, and these relatively affluent snowbirds regularly drive the run.
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    for sure, someone should get after the government to put banks of chargers in national parks and wildlife refuges. The EV population probably has higher utilization of such locales and you always park for a chunk of time...they can start with the Everglades, particularly the Flamingo Visitor Center, if you don't mind my putting my self-interest first....because that's about as far as you can go in Florida without seeing a gas or charging station....after that, they can put one halfway between Miami and Orlando, where there are already a bunch of chargers....
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    I-70 corridor--points between Denver-KC-St. Louis-Indianapolis-Columbus-Pittsburgh
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    I-10, LA to Tucson, and beyond. Maybe Palm Springs/Blythe/Quartzite/Phoenix area.

    I-20 would be alright as an alternative.
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