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Where would you like to see Tesla set up Super Chargers?



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    you know - $5.00 for a coffee, $5.00 for a charge - no congestion - Starbucks might even pay to have the chargers installed - any Starbuckers out there?
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    <i>With the Roadster, I prefer charging sites about every 130 - 160 miles. For the Model S, I think I would extend this slightly to maybe 150 - 180 miles.<i/> -Earl and Nagin

    Roadster range considerations are not really relevant to this discussion regarding SuperChargers placement because the Roadster's charging ports are not compatible with the SuperChargers.

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    After going to the Santana Row event and playing with their mileage software I realized that with my driving habits on the freeway (closer to 75 than 55), I would probably only get about 245 miles of range with my 300 mile battery pack, which has changed my thinking about where I would like to see chargers.

    I live in Berkeley, and regularly visit relatives in Sacramento and Monterrey. Since each of those locations are about 110 miles away I would only safely be able to go there and back on one charge without touring around while I was there, so I really need chargers in those locations to top off the tank, so to speak. So since there seems to be virtually a complete lack of chargers on the Monterrey Penninsula, I would like to see a charger there. And also one in Sacramento and one in Tahoe.

    But maybe you guys can help me understand something else. Walgreens has been putting in chargers all over the country, but I can't find out anything about how to access them and how much they cost. Also, does anyone know how many miles I would get in an hour with those chargers (with the 85kwh battery)?

    Also, there is a Tesla charger listed in Salinas. What kind of a charger would that be and what would it mean with regards to charging the Model S?
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    I would like to see the stations positioned appropriately between Toronto and Florida on the interstates so I can get to?from Florida with stops about ever three or four hours for lunch or over night. Plannong on an 85Kwh battery.
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    Texas!! It'd be awesome to see them from North Texas (Denton, DFW) all the way down to Houston. The EVs are piling up here way more quickly than I expected! A few 3rd party chargers are popping up here and there, but some Tesla superchargers would be smashing!!
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    Plus, knowing that you can easily drive from one end of Texas to the other makes a huge difference for Texans on the fence about EVs. :)
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    The Walgreen's charger are J-1772 and the chargers are ChargePoint. You can go to ChargePoints web site and get a pass to use them. Many ChargePoint locations in general are free since the establishments are trying to encourage EV customers to stop by. A few I have seen (not at Walgreens) say to just come in and ask for a card to charge for free. There is also a phone number on the charger to call and they will turn it on for you.

    There is a thread in the General forum.
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    I agree with DavidM who suggested placement every 150 miles to allow the 230 packs to participate with margin. I don't want to go 55 mph on 70 mph roads; I don't want to arrive on empty; and I want to use the A/C, radio and lights; and I want to do it at end of pack life (good design). Pack life is 10% lost range, 65 mph appears to be a 10% cost, so that leaves a 230 pack with 15% margin for hills.

    Tesla SM to Barstow, CA is 130 mi (I-15 & I-40); on to Las Vegas is 150 mi with mountains.

    Tesla SM to Lost Hills, CA via I-15 is 140 mi; on to Patterson is 160 mi, with TM next door.

    Tesla SM to Indio, CA is 140 mi with one windy hill; on to Buckeye is 210 mi; and Tucson is +154 mi.

    Those with the 300 mi pack have 50 miles of flexibility on both ends. Most Angelinos will make Las Vegas with a single stop in Barstow. A Sig 300 in San Jose could blow off Patterson and go straight to Lost Hills, and then blow off Santa Monica and go on to Laguna Niguel. Flexible on both ends. :)
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    I'd like to see Hwy 99 in CA get one or two, and maybe somewhere between Bakersfield and Barstow? I like to take the high desert on the drive to Vegas!
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    Almost forgot. I want superchargers to be multi headed. I want to see convoys of Teslas making these trips, not just one car per time slot. But of course, any charger is better than none.
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    @David den Boer: Bakersfield to Barstow is 130 mi; and Fresno to Lost Hills is only 90 mi.

    Lost Hills to Barstow is an iffy 176 mi for the 230 pack but fine for 300 packs. If in doubt, 230 pack should go via Santa Monica. 230 pack enabled doesn't mean totally friendly routing, at first anyway.

    But you are correct that the state capitol of Fresno should be a hub. Are you a state politician? :)
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    By bad, the capitol of CA is Sacramento.
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    Actually, I live and work in the Bay Area, so the drive through the high desert to LV is my favorite.
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    Bay Area guy here as well, sounds like you all have it covered! ;)
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    Thanks for answering my question about Walgreen's charging stations. Now that time is close for actually getting my car (I am S#566), the practical consideration of where to charge the car on trips, before Tesla has time to install a lot of fast chargers, becomes real. Also, based on the link below it looks like the NRG settlement with the State of California may bring a lot more charging stations, but potentially incompatible with the Model S.

    I guess it may be better to move that discussion to the other thread that you referenced.

    I am so excited about getting my Model S that I can barely stand it!
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    In Canada they would need to put some chargers on the main transportation links between Ontario and Quebec

    Windsor, ON
    Hamilton, ON
    Toronto, ON
    Kingston, ON
    Ottawa, ON
    Montreal, QC
    Mont-Tremblant, QC
    Trois-Riviere, QC
    Quebec City, QC

    P258 (Canada)
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    @DMAC -- 200 CHADEMO stations would be incompatible but the 10000 "normal speed" are compatible.

    However the Tesla fast charges are MUCH faster than the CHADEMO ones anyhow. So it seems like we'll be covered.
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    By the time the standards committee makes a decision this summer, nearly all of the DC fast chargers in existence will be using the CHADEMO standard and nearly all of the EVs on the road at that time will be CHADEMO compatible. California, with all its political clout, will be committed to CHADEMO. I would be surprised to see the committee go in a different direction, but stranger things have happened.

    Enter TM. They march to the beat of their own drum, and none of their vehicles will be compatible with whatever the standards committee decides. TM makes a J1772 adapter for both the Roadster and the S Level 2 charging. I hope they will soon offer an adapter for Level 3 CHADEMO DC fast charging in the interim and a modified J1772 in the future if that's the way the committee goes. TM has promised us a nationwide Supercharger network. Hope I'm wrong, but I think that is months if not years away. Meanwhile, they will start delivering the S to us in July and we then wait for a practical fast charging solution to take it cross country.
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    While I don't expect to see my model s in Australia until next year, I'd love to see chargers every 350 km or so along the main routes between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

    Chargers along the scenic routes would be great too - and could in the longer term help so many of the smaller towns that have lost out as the freeways bypass them.
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    We like to visit the eastern Sierras so:
    Lancaster, Lone Pine, Bishop, Mammoth, CA

    Without chargers, I will have to take an ICE car on our backpacking and camping adventures.
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    @jmatson, RV plugs will work to charge and may be near where you go camping.
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    @jmatson: Park near a stream and bring a hydroelectric generator. When you get back to the car, you'll be fully charged. (Depending on a solar panel to charge your car for the few days is too risky: it might be raining.)

    Seriously: I've wondered the same thing about my backpacking trips. Not sure I want to park my Model S in an unpaved woods parking lot, and leave it for 4 days.
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    I'd like to see Supercharging stations at all Interstate Highway reststops. According to the next rest area signs before the exits to the rest area you are nearing they tend to be right at 100 miles apart. I travel from Dallas, TX to Columbus, OH a couple of times a year. I'd definitely like to see them along I-30, I-40, I-65, I-71 & I-70. All along these Interstates are very nicely landscaped, well lit with clean restrooms and picnic facilies.

    The Pvilion a New York PhotoVoltaics company has designed a solar sail EV charging station that has been installed in Pflugerville, TX that is as beautiful to see as it is to use. Story and photo at the link below.
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    Previous post is an artist rendering the actual photo of the solar sail EV charging station in Pflugerville, TX is at the link below.
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    Problem with using rest stops on interstates is that there is not a commercial outfit for TM to partner with. I chatted with one of the TM guys at the Santana Road event and he said they are looking for partnerships, whereby presumably big spenders would be lured into their establishments. The Harris Ranch site is a perfect example.
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