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Where would you like to see Tesla set up Super Chargers?



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    I'd like to see them at Lake Tahoe and maybe in Yosemite National Park. Having some on the eastern side of the Sierras next to some of the passes would be useful too, like maybe between Tioga and Sonora pass. I doubt I'd see the latter since the amount of traffic there is fairly low.
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    Adoption in Texas is highly dependent on convenient and fast charging around the triangle of Dallas/Ft. Worth -- Houston -- San Antonio/Austin. I personally am banking on chargers between Houston and Dallas. Both cities have a variety of charger locations, but there's virtually NOTHING between them! That needs to change (before a late Spring 2013 delivery...).
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    length of the garden state parkway with HPC chargers as well as dc.
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    How about a supercharger at either the newport beach Tesla Service center or at the Fashion Island Tesla store at the lower level of the parking structure where they keep their model S test drive cars
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    David M writes:
    "I95, Miami to Boston.
    I5, San Diego to Seattle.
    I10, Los Angeles to Jacksonville, FL.
    I80, San Francisco to New York.

    That should get things started.
    You can fill in later with:
    I75, Miami to Detroit.
    I70, Denver to St. Louis.
    I40, Greensboro, NC to Las Vegas.
    I35, Minneapolis, to San Antonio.
    With these routes covered, you can pretty much travel anywhere in the USA."

    This sums up a large portion of the USA interstate system I agree with this concise analysis. I would only change I75 portion from Miami to Atlanta NOW not later. Once these get installed, the battery range limitation for traveling will be eliminated and TM EV sales should increase dramatically especially once S Model delivery / wait time is reduced and TM begins their advertising program.
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    On Interstate 80 from coast to coast on 200 mile intervals. That would make the Tesla more useful for the entire nation. Other chargers can be found off that direct route for most North/South cross-country travel, and when some destination deviation is off I 80. That would also provide direct travel from SF, Salt Lake City, Denver, Omaha, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Bufflo, NYC, and Boston. With fast recovery time, recharging would add little time to a cross-country trip. And I could drive my Model S Signature Performance (S1185) from Fremont to Wisconsin next month.
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    200 mile intervals on Route 66 would be fun. It's more curvy, and has all kinds of interesting towns along the way to check out.
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    +1 Beaker
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    150 is the standard, I think, because that makes for "short" charging sessions of ½ hr. for an 85.
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    South Lake Tahoe

    We just took a trip there for shits and giggles and suffered from a serious case of Range Angst (new car, not knowing how it would perform, etc…) upon arrival.

    The trip distance one way was 74 miles (with a 6200 foot elevation change). Our departure range was 232mi. Our arrival range remaining at our Tahoe destination was 90mi.

    I don’t think that we were lead-footing it up the mountain so it bears noting that there is a greater, and not entirely unexpected energy cost (did a similar test with our Roadster) when it comes to a constant climb rate.

    On the plus side, we got home with 32mi remaining (thank you regen!). So, for future reference, there is a net cost of 52 miles round trip for a 62k elevation change.

    --- Cherif
    x?#161 & x?#526
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    I'd like to see one around the Delaware/Maryland beaches. This area is a big summer tourist spot for people in Baltimore, Washington, DC, Northern Delaware, and to a lesser extent Philadelphia (and suburbs--where I live). According to my calculations, I'd have enough energy to make it down there with an 85kWh battery, but getting home is iffy, especially if I'm staying down there and driving around for a few days and the car is unplugged the whole time.

    I've been checking various charging station databases, and I haven't seen any charging stations at any of the beaches. I'm sure that's in large part due to massive crowds during the summer and how parking spaces can be at a premium. (Picture your local mall around Christmas shopping season.)
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    South Lake Tahoe would be a good place. I visit there periodically and the place I stay is above 7000 feet with frequent trips between there and lake level.

    I would also like to see a charging station near Bridgeport, CA and/or Lee Vining along route 395 since I tend to do some camping around there. Maybe one in Sonora as well. I'm not sure how much range one can get going over Sonora pass (26% grade in places, 9600 feet).
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    Do you use PlugShare (On Android and iPhone)?

    Not saying that it's any better than Other Databases but it might fill in some holes as it is a user supported and maintained database.

    --- Cherif
    SSL#161 & R#526
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    100 mile intervals from Michigan to Florida on I-75.
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    100 mile intervals requires 50% more sites than 150 miles. Expect the latter.
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    @CherifB - Yes, I have the apps for PlugShare, Recargo, CarStations, ChargePoint, and WattStation (GE) on my iPhone (along with 500+ other apps). Now I just need my Model S!

    And yes, I've been told I have an app problem. :)

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    It's only a problem if you can't feed the kids. :)

    --- Cherif
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    Whats the range of a model s at 75 mph with full air or heat on 150? 200? if so there only about 5 years away from 300 miles at an 8% increase in batteries each year. you would be able to drive the speed limit on the freeways all day long, and when they put supper chargers every 225 miles apart on the freeways, and the motels and hotels all have 250v circuits with high power connectors which wont take long after these cars start selling in record numbers. that would be the difference between owning 2 cars or just owning one, for an annual road trip. i think this will be the tipping point to electric cars.
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    In Washington

    Vantage on I90
    Vancover, WA
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    Charleston SC
    London , UK a bunch
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    In Texas it would make sense to locate them at Buccee's locations. They are located about halfway between the major cities on the highways (I-10, Hwy 45, etc). Easy to spend 30 minutes at these large rest stops.
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    I4, East of Tampa, FL
    I75, Ft Myers/Naples, FL
    I75, West of Miami, FL (before the Alley)
    I95, North of Daytona Beach, FL
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    I have reservation 12370 and plan to drive the Model S to South Florida every other weekend so I would like to see at least one Supercharger down there.
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    I've lived in Texas for ~15 years and have never seen a Buccee's station (I've only heard of them in these forums). Are they only in the southern part of Texas?
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    I-5 Corridor near Eugene, Oregon
    Cannon Beach, Oregon
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