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Cilajet - Car Anti-corrosive Sealant

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I was at a Honda dealership today, they were featuring a product called Cilajet. It's a premixed 2-part epoxy based formula. Protects the car for 5-years and the car no longer needs waxing.

One of the sales guys said he just coated his M3, he's trilled with it.

The Cilajet website:
Cilajet's unique formula resists contaminants which may adhere to the surface of your vehicle. Examples of environmental hazards that can ruin the finish on a car: bird droppings, tree sap, raw egg, hard water deposits, acid rain, bugs, rust … cilajet is superior in its ability to protect your vehicle's paint and clear coat from all of these elements. And, when applied to aluminum, chrome and alloy wheels, cilajet helps resist brake dust build-up. Cilajet helps your vehicle remain in excellent condition for years.
Jay Lenno's Garage - Cilajet Video

I'm curious if anyone has experience with it...

Sounds like a cool add-on for the Tesla Model S & X, maybe Tesla can apply it at the factory!


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    Sounds like it would work well in toilet bowls, too!

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    Hey if I never have to scrub the darn thing again I am flush with that. :) I know - very punny :D
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