Unable To Buy FSD for Model 3 in Europe

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I'm trying to buy the FSD option after delivery (option was not available last December on the order page).

The instructions read:

You can purchase Autopilot upgrades at any time through your Tesla Account – and the Autopilot software required will be added to your car. Log into your account, then select 'Manage' for the Model of choice. Scroll down to 'Shop' and then select 'Autopilot Upgrades.'

Yet for many European Model 3 owners, this 'Autopilot Upgrade' option is just not available. Model S and X owners seem have access to it though.

Anyone know how to solve or order?



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    I would advise against wasting almost 7K on something that won’t work due to EU regulations. I have FSD (Netherlands) and it’s just not worth it. The car won’t be able to FSD in the EU, believe me. I regret having added this option.
  • I got my Model X in March 2020 with the FSD option. Whilst not regretting the purchase I can safely say that for Europe its very much a work in progress. The way it works is that all announcements concern the USA so when Tesla says this or that is now available it typically concerns LA, Frisco and perhaps route 66 but for mere mortals on this side of the pond, it still has serious challenges. Tesla has asked me that if I come across any issues to let them know (in France) so that they can locally look at it. What doesn't work? Well motorway driving & overtaking by and large works (I have it in mad max mode and even then it's generally too slow for European cut & thrust driving). Dual carriageways changing to single lane & vice versa works but but it's less than smooth, it will often slow down when overtaking for no apparent reason, roundabouts, well you might as well forget it, traffic lights are shown but have no effect, in city is no no and parking spots will show up at busy traffic lights (reported as a bug in August 2020).
    Why did I buy FSD, well I did not know all the above (and more) at time of purchase but more importantly I wanted to be locked in into the future when one day the FSD becomes usable. In case you think it's just France, I have experienced these bugs also in Germany & Poland.

    The deadliest "feature" IMHO is the non-recognition of Speed Signs and on an unlimited stretch of autobahn having temporary 60 km limits with FSD on, it's well a killer.
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