Tesla Referral Program - where to check your referrals?

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A few weeks ago it was available in my Tesla account. Now I can't find it anywhere? Did it move?


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    The only place I can find it now is in the mobile app.
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    Keeping the referral program alive. Has anyone gotten their wheels lately?
    How long did you wait from ordering to delivery?
    It’s been 6 months for me & the referral program will not respond to emails.
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    Ordered my wheels in December but haven’t received them yet. I was originally told it would take up to 4 months.
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    It's been two months since I took delivery and neither me or my brother have received anything for the free SuperCharging. Ive asked my sales rep, and she told me to email Tesla customer support. I have yet to hear from them. It's been a month....... At this point, we arent sure if we will get the 5k miles or the 1k miles of free SuperCharging. The referral program BITES! Get it together Tesla!!!!
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    @hitmakaz: What exactly are you expecting to receive? As long as Tesla doesn’t bill you for supercharging when it’s supposed to be free, you’re good.

    You’ll get whatever promotion was in effect when you ordered the car (doesn’t matter when you took delivery) — was free supercharging a referral bonus at that time?
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    Emailed Referral & Support earlier today, along with others.
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    I went back and read in the previous referral program how to claim your wheels. It says to set up an appointment to have the wheels installed with your SC, so I did. They texted me back and said we will see you at your appointment.
    Apparently, the Arachnids have been sitting at the SC for who knows how long. I will find out. No one bothered to notify me. Good luck.
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    I have a useless solar panel token that they are not delivering on.
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    @MilesMD88: Thanks for the heads up. I’ll follow up with the referral team and my service center. I see that my third referral, the one that earned me the wheels, is still missing from my account (it was there originally), even though the referral team confirmed in April that they see the referral associated with the order that earned it.
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    I received an e-mail reply from the referral team today:

    “Thanks for following up. It looks like we now have your Arachnid Wheels award in the correct fulfillment queue under {my e-mail address} and {my Model S VIN}. The next step for you would be to coordinate with Service on 1) getting the necessary parts ordered and 2) actually scheduling an appointment for installation.

    Service can work with you directly by advising on any timeline for when the wheels will arrive and manually ordering parts for the wheels if necessary. You can easily self-schedule an appointment through your Tesla App:

    1. Select your car on the Tesla App.
    2. Choose “Schedule Service” and then select the specific service request from the available options.
    3. Describe briefly the circumstances of the service you need.
    4. Confirm your preferred contact details.
    5. On the confirmation screen, you will see your appointment for the first available time at your closest Service Center. Please edit these details if necessary.
    6. Click “Schedule” to submit your request.”

    I think the comment about the “correct fulfillment queue” and the missing referral might be the result of this: when I earned my third referral award by ordering a Model 3, I owned a 2016 Model S85. When I took delivery of the 3, I no longer owned that S85, I owned a 2018 S100D instead, but I think the referral was still linked to the old Model S.

    I will let you know what happens.
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    No you do not get what was promised when you ordered the car. I ordered with promise of 5,000 free miles (Tesla 3). On 5/28 they were changing the offer to 1,000 miles.
    Car ordered over a month ago. Financing sent from Credit Union via FedEX day after receiving the Tesla paperwork. That was on Friday 5/24. 5/27 memorial day so closed. They only gave me 1,000 miles.
    I even questioned my Tesla contact handling the order and paperwork on 5/20 when Tesla finally had the car ready for us to get the signatures and payments handled. Her answer you will have to take that up with the referral program, here is their email address. Now I have emailed days ago and of course no answer.
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    I've had similar issues with the referral program. I traded in my S 85 for an S 100D at the end of the last quarter. I requested the 3 years of free supercharging that was offered as an incentive at the time. Multiple delivery specialists and customer support have tried to crack the code on why I have not been "awarded" that incentive. Now I am told that me request in at the referral program office awaiting adjudication. Customer support advised me not to call them because they are busy! Fortunately they did give me 1500 miles or so free supercharging.
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    I'm having similar issues with the past referral program, I had 3 referrals which earned me the Model 3 wheels but now when I log in to my account and check previous programs it only shows 2 referrals. Fortunately I have screenshots of the 3 confirmed referrals.

    I emailed the referral program with the screenshots but have not received an answer. Hopefully they can correct it.
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    Tesla Referral Awards are a waste of time - i have ordered the charger through this scheme 7 months ago (which incidentally Tesla, i need so i can charge my car at home!!). I have chased but the Heathrow dealer i bought my Model X from last June passes the buck by stating that the referral program isn't within the service dept as they are based in the US - and the US (supposedly the king of customer services) have not responded despite numerous efforts to ask them when i can expect to receive my charger. I love my Model X and am a big fan and rant and rave about how great my car is - but this is leaving a really sour taste in my mouth. So if you are part of the referral program don't expect to receive your goods and then you won't be disappointed!!!! Shame on you Tesla :-(
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    Strangely enough the day after I posted my complaint above I was contacted by the referral program office. Unfortunately they said I was SOL because I put in my deposit for the car 2 days before the 3 year free supercharging deal went into effect. Still love the car. Still love the company mission. Still holding onto my stock. Not fond of the slow and unpredictable referral program.
  • ALERT: For those who don't know this - I learned this the hard way! Twice in May I placed an order using a referral code and then started configuring the vehicle, deliberating all the options and then finally submitting the order to get my little hedge hog friend appear. Little did I know that if you don't click through the process withing "reasonable time" i.e. don't go back and forth, then the referral code WILL NOT be applied and there is NO WAY to get it applied other than cancelling the order and redoing it all. There is also no way to CHECK if it was applied other then emailing the referral program people.
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    An update to my previous post: I scheduled a service appointment as instructed by the referral team, and I heard back from service today. They have most of what they need to install my wheels already, and will have the rest by early next week; I made an appointment for Tuesday.

    I’ll be selling my old wheels after installing the new ones. I’m in SE Florida and the old wheels only have 1,700 miles on them. I’ll post an ad in the TMC forum once they’re available, but if you might be interested you can let me know here or PM EVRider-FL on TMC.
  • I too have waited patiently since December 2018. I checked in several times in April and was told the following

    "Thanks for the reply. We are showing that your wheels are still processing. Wheels typically take about 8-12 weeks to process. We unfortunately have ran into some delays due to the product being out of stock and this has extended this time period. Once the wheels are back in stock, and available we will process. "

    I waited until today with no communication. I am now being told

    "After reviewing your referral rewards, we can verify that you are eligible for the wheel reward through the Referral Program. We are sorry to hear you have not yet received this award. To ensure you receive this reward as soon as possible, I would advise you to self-schedule an appointment at the Rockville Service Center. Your Service Center will work with you directly on advising any timeline for when the set of wheels should arrive and will assist in manually placing an order if necessary. You can easily self-schedule an appointment through your Tesla App:
    Select your car on the Tesla App.
    Choose “Schedule Service” and then select the specific service request from the available options.
    Describe briefly the circumstances of the service you need.
    Confirm your preferred contact details.
    On the confirmation screen, you will see your appointment for the first available time at your closest Service Center. Please edit these details if necessary.
    Click “Schedule” to submit your request.
    Thank you for being a part of the Tesla community, and our Service Team will work to assist in you receiving this award soon."

    This is very disturbing. Would I have ever been contacted. I would like a call. I have had both the Model S and Model X and happy with Tesla for years. My referrals have been to direct friends, many not captured in the referral rewards program. I would hate to have to refer the car to future owners with a BIG disclaimer for customer service.
    Not the company that I first interacted with. Now seems very impersonal and inefficient when it comes to dealing with loyalist.
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    Is there a delay from when someone orders under your referral to showing up in the "friends ordered" section of the referral page? Its been a few days for me and still nothing.
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    I used a referral link after I got my VIN - I didn't get any verification that it was successful. I hope to see the miles populate in the app after I pay for the car.
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    @irbytay: How did you use a referral link after you got your VIN?
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    Ordered my Model3 through referral link (in October 2019)...after delivery (November 2019) no free supercharging was shown in my account. Friend already used my referral link, got delivery a month ago and...surprise, free supercharging shown in my account of yet. Complained about this in person at the local service center, but...nothing happend eversince. Respond to my e-mails is also still pending...
    Does anyone have a tesla mailaddress regarding referral link programs?
    This is all but professional!
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