Washington DC

Service at Rockville MD SC

I just brought my Model 3 into the Rockville SC for some minor work and wanted to relay my experience. I set up an appointment through my Tesla account. A day before the appointment I received a text message that they did not have the part I needed, that they would order it, and let me know when it had arrived. Two ans a half weeks later I got another text message that the part was in and that they scheduled an appointment at the next available time. If needed, I could go in and re-schedule. Not needed. So I showed up a few minutes early and they took me right away. The daytime driving light on the driver's side was not going on all the time, so they swapped out that assembly. They also replaced the black plastic squares near each outside mirror because they were separating from the car. In addition they did an inspection of tires, fluids, etc. Finally, without asking, they adjusted the front hood, although it looked pretty good to me. In at 10 a.m., out at 11:50 a.m. A very pleasant experience. No charge.


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