Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance - New feature

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Tesla just announced two new features - Lane Departure Avoidance and Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance for all cars made after Oct-2016. Does not require AP/EAP/FSD.

Rather cool!


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    Let us hope that it is rather better at coping with narrow roads than the Jaguar implementation. In the UK the I-Pace often spots the side of a narrow road just as you move aside to pass an oncoming car; the Emergency Lane Keeping kicks in and tries to push you straight back out into the path of the oncoming car! A "feature" that, like Tesla, you can only inhibit on a per journey basis.
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    if the ongoing car is a tesla, it could be a "tesla killer"
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    @mbird: I guess it depends on whether the Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance feature kicks in even if you use your turn signal — that wasn’t clear from the article. If the turn signal disables it, and you use your turn signal when passing (as you should), no problem.
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    ongoing = oncoming
    (messed up my snark)
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    Wonder if this update had something to do with this incident, Model 3 was rear ended and swerved into the lane to avoid hitting the car in front, quite impressive if teslas safety feature did this.
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    @El Mirio: I saw that report earlier, but I’m skeptical that the car performed that maneuver on its own. If the car had just swerved into the next lane, maybe, but then to swerve back into the original lane? Doubtful. More likely the driver did that and doesn’t remember.
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    "If the car had just swerved into the next lane, maybe, but then to swerve back into the original lane? "

    My suspicion is that the car moved into the left lane on its own, but the driver brought it back into the right lane and then onto the shoulder. The driver would have been wanting to stop having been hit, I don't think the Tesla software is that advanced yet.

    From an experience of my own, I was traveling, on autopilot, in the right lane of an interstate approaching an exit. The cars ahead were slowing down so I moved over 1 lane. The car that had been ahead of me was signaling for the exit and pulled over into the exit lane. As I passed him I pulled back into the right lane, then the car suddenly moved back to the left lane. Not understanding why, I took over and moved back into the right lane where I saw that the driver of the car that had been exiting changed his mind and pulled back onto the highway, just barely missing my rear end. Had my Tesla not seen him coming back and moved over the other car might well have hit me. I was able to see the full scope of what had happened later on when I reviewed the incident on the video from my front and rear 'dash' cameras.

    These incidents have me wondering what might have the Tesla have done had there been traffic in the adjacent lane that would have made it equally or more dangerous for the car to move over? Just stay in lane and brake hard? Has anyone seen a description or video of such an event?
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    @EVRider the reaction seemed very fast and precise, looked like F1 driver steering, specially the correction once in the left lane. Agree with Yodark, the driver might have done the final steering.
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    @Yodark Considering Tesla is reviewing each accident manually, as per FSD presentation, i suspect they will configure to do the most sensible thing, avoid side collision over frontal impact.
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