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PW2 in U.K. App Power flows incorrectly displayed

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I have a PW2 installed since Dec 2018 to a site with pre-existing Solar PV and since installation I’ve experienced incorrect power flow displays in the Tesla IOS App. Initially I was finding that all the solar energy was showing as added to the home usage. So, for example, if the house was using about 0.3kW and if I was generating 1.7kW no power was going to the PW and house usage was displaying as 2kW. This was ‘rectified’ in a couple of weeks by the mode of CT1 (which is on the consumer unit supply input) being changed from ‘Site’ to ‘Load’. As an aside does anyone know what the difference is between those settings?

Now I found that anything going to the PW was adding to the house. So once again, with house usage of 0.3 kW and solar generation of 1.7kW then the power flows would show as 0.7kW to PW and 1kW to house.

I put up with this for a couple of months but then realised that I was using far more grid power than the App ever suggested so I raised an issue with Tesla PW Support in March. The App would, for instance, be showing no grid power used overnight and house usage of 2.4kW being fed from PW discharge but in reality the grid was supplying over 2kW according to my utility meter. Careful monitoring twice daily throughout April shows a discrepancy of over 50% over the month. App reported 170kWh from grid but actual usage was 260kWh.

So far I’ve had no proposed solutions from Tesla other than them remotely switching the CT1 mode back to ‘Site’ which then stopped all PW charging as per initial install. This was then reverted back to ‘Load’ 48 hours later. The only anomaly that can be found is that CT1 is showing a Power Factor of 0.59 in Advanced settings apparently this should be 1.0 ideally.

Anyone any experience of anything like this?
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