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Ordered a new P100DL to replace my 2015 90D. What's changed?

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I just placed an order last week for a new P100DL to replace my 2015 90D. It was a hard decision since I really love my car, but depreciation had already taken over 60% so I didn't want to wait any longer. Plus the free ludicrous and 5k supercharging made it as good a time as any.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has gone through a similar upgrade about what you've been most and least happy with in terms of changes.

* I know that AP2 was really not great for a while compared to my radar-based AP1, but I should be getting 3.0 which I hear is much better now.
* I know that the new "vegan leather" seats don't quite feel right compared to my next gen leather seats but I'm guessing I'll adjust. (I just hope they kept the firm bolsters since I really find those quite comfortable.)
* I have no idea what to expect with the new suspension, but I don't know if anyone else does either yet. I had the air suspension on my 2015 and I really liked it, though I don't do a lot of "spirited" driving.
* I had the old "yacht floor" option and I kind of got used to having that open space for storage, but I believe the new center console is built in now and can't really be removed. (and I don't know for sure that I'd want it to, it just does feel a tiny bit more closed in when I sit in one of the newer models now)
* I decided to stick with the 19" wheels since I know that the 21" used to be rather noisy when I bought my first one. I'm guessing nothing has changed on that front, but if anyone has gone to the 21" and been happy with it I'd love to hear your experiences as well. I'm definitely considering it.


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    I have a 2015 P90D with the 21" wheels and wish I had the 19" wheels. When I bought my 21" wheels, the 19" option were those cheaper wheel designs that I hated. But, now you can get the "slipstream" wheels that are indistinguishable from the 21" wheels in a blink...especially the black ones.

    The quietness has more to do with the tires you choose, but my issues with the 21" wheels are:

    Very limited tire selection, including NO all-season tires. All available tires are super expensive performance tires (which TBH are awesome). In the Bay Area, America's Tire keeps them in stock, but most everywhere else in the country they will be special order.

    Can't truly rotate them because the rears are wider ("staggered" they say)

    Due to the higher rotating mass, the range goes down with 21" wheels

    Combining the wider tires in the rear, them not being rotatable, the aggressive camber in the rear, and only high-performance summer tires being available, you go through rear tires like they're erasers. With the PS2s, I would only get 12K miles. Finally with the SuperSports, I seem to get 20K miles.
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    Going from a 2015 S85 HW1 Autopilot with base 19s to a 2018 100D HW 2.5 FSD with Slipstreams and then 21'' Arachnids.

    The new automatic lane change is great but I feel my old S85 was smoother on the open road. It feels like the 100D struggles, especially when lanes merge and it doesn't know to align left or right. Summon also worked better on my S85 into a tight garage while the 100D is only successful ~30% of the time without reinitiating.

    Vegan Leather Seats
    I didn't have the next-gen seats in my S85 but the bolsters on the 100D feel great to me although somewhat uncomfortable. I still believe the Model 3 seats are the gold standard.

    Going from coil to air is night & day and buttery smooth from base 19s on the S85 to slipstreams on the 100D. I haven't tried the new air suspension but I would assume a similar feel. I also don't do much 'spirited' driving.

    Center Console
    I'm not sure I can do without it at this point as it's so convenient to stow items like the J1772 adapter and/or my wallet/watch when going into the gym along with holding/charging my phone. I would guess the utility gained will more than offset the loss of the open feel for you.

    Once the tires on my 100D broke-in on my 19'' slipstreams the car was buttery smooth, better than my old S85 but it could be a coil to air suspension thing. I can't speak to the twin turbines but I upgraded to Arachnids and absolutely love it so far. It is a little noisier but not annoyingly so and the handling/feel is far superb. I'm sure I'll pay more for tires over time but the appearance and drivability are far improved. If you order with the slipstreams and find someone on this forum willing to part with them for a fair price you'll likely do better than ordering 21'' twin turbines from the onset.
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    I will definitely go with the 21" and summer tire. Even that will still be the weakest link on the P100DL, What's the point of getting a car like that with wimppy tires?
  • The only benefit the 21's have is they look awesome. For range and wear and handling pot holes they aren't the best. Having said that I still love my 21".
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    I went from a P85D (2013) to 2017 P100DL. The autopilot was glitchy at first but has improved vastly over the 1.5 years since I got it, and I can't imagine driving without it. The white fake leather seats are stunning and hold up beautifully, are more comfortable than in the 2013. LTE helps the maps a lot. The L is tons of fun if you're first at the red light.

    But the frunk is a lot smaller. Oh well.
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    @ redacted: 2013 P85D? No such animal
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    Carlk, did you order a new Tesla?
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    Tropo No. I gave some thought on Model 3 earlier but decided to just keep my S and wait for the Roadster. I was a little tempted with the free ludicrous upgrade offer but did not go for it because of the Roadster too. I might regret not taking the offer though. Not just for the ludicous but the HW3 too. We'll see.
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    @kerryglittle Do you have a P100DL? If you punch the pedal while tuning the wheel and could not feel any differences you deserve neither. That said I do agree the 21" looks great on the car. You can always buy a "D" emblem on eBay cheap. ;)
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    I have a P85D.
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    @carlk I may order an extra one so I have a double D

    Does anyone know what the badging on the "updated/revised/whatever" Model S says? I cannot imagine fitting "Long Range Performance with Ludicrous" there. Maybe just "PD" in red with the normal font followed by a small cursive little L for ludi!
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    No nose cone... bugs really show unless you have Black!
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    Boonedocks, you confused two members on TMC. The Dual Motor badging you show is on a Long Range model. No idea what the badging will be on P100DL.
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