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Is the cancel Lane change button worthless?

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Nav on autopilot is pretty cool, but sometimes the car wants to change Lanes too much. My guess is that it tries too hard to get in the carpool lane but that is separate.

My issue is the cancel Lane change seems to work for about 3 seconds. The car decides to change Lanes, I press the blue cancel Lane change, it stops trying for a few seconds and then says it is changing Lanes again. Repeat. Very annoying.


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    Yup, and in moderate to heavy traffic is tries to change lane lanes (moving into faster lane) when the other lanes aren't really going any faster. Should get better with time as the AI learns.
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    Yup, and in moderate to heavy traffic it tries to change lanes (moving into faster lane) when the other lanes aren't really going any faster. Should get better with time as the AI learns.
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    I find it most useful when I am approaching a transition (like B-more beltway 495 to 95, or beltway 495 to 70W, or 70W to 29S.

    Sometimes I like to get over earlier and stay there because I know that traffic backs up approaching these exits. "Close enough to the exit to get over/stay over" is sometimes TOO close in NOA. I usually only have to push the cancel once. If I didn't, and let NOA try to find the fastest lane, then I would have to manually try to squeeze in very aggressively at the last minute.
  • Yes-for now, seems pretty useless, but I've found the need for it has diminished with the latest (12.1.2) update.
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    Sometimes the cancel lasts a long time, sometimes just a second or two. Now I toggle NoA on and off depending on traffic conditions and whether I just want to chill in a given lane. And yes, for the carpool lane I'd like two settings: "Use carpool lanes" and a less stringent "Allow carpool lanes."
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    It's pretty annoying. If you turn it off mad max mode, it'll lane change less.
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    If you don't turn off the "require lane change confirmation" option, you can just ignore the lane change suggestion and it will go away (eventually). I didn't disable that option because some of the proposed lane changes are inappropriate, so I want to confirm them.
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    What I tend to do is drop out of NoA and use EAP and make my own lane change decisions. I’ll turn it back on when navigation is helpful. It is especially helpful when entering a construction zone where I oftentimes keep dropping to lower levels of autonomy until eventually ending up in full control depending on conditions.

    NoA is great for most driving and I keep exploring the limits (and hopefully give feedback to the mothership). It keeps me on my toes but is quite an interesting adventure we are all on. I have seen nothing but improvements in how the car is handling more and more complicated situations. The latest improvement I have been noticing is more awareness of different speed limits and slowing for (some) curves.
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    Agree with above post that it'll get better over time. Right now I'm only on an AP appropriate highway once a day, during the PM rush, through a construction zone so I rarely ever try it. I'll be retired by the time construction on I-95 is done. (No, really...
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