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Hi UK owners,

As you may have seen this forum is barely used in the UK.

One of the reasons is that Tesla Owners UK / Tesla Owners Group is the official owners club for Tesla as listed on https://tesla.com/ownersclub

We have extremely active discussion groups which can be found on https://teslaownersgroup.co.uk/discussion

We're a not for profit organisation and all volunteer our time to the group.

All verified owners are welcome to join.


Will Fealey


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    Hi Will,
    I don't want to handover my details to facebook.
    Is there another way in to teslaownersgroup?
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    As one of the very-first ("Signature") Tesla Model S owners in the UK, I've been active on these forums for many years - but it's very sad that your "official" Tesla owners club doesn't suppose these publicly-accessible forums and has instead chosen to work with the "dark side". I strongly recommend that you unshackle yourselves from Facebook and then perhaps you'll attract more members?
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    I also don’t use Facebook so can’t join. (I did though a couple of years ago when my Tesla was stolen, and this FB group was very helpful back then).
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    For those wanting to join but not provide the details via Facebook you can use the email address listed on https://tesla.com/ownersclub to provide this information. We're working on a new platform but Facebook works very well for us (although I appreciate many don't like it). We're also on Twitter (https://twitter.com/teslaownersuk) and http://instagram.com/teslaownersuk

    The reason we use hidden/private groups is to ensure our communications don't get posted into the public domain for FUD or Haters to spread. That said we know Facebook isn't for everyone.

    We also have our website that is full of useful guides etc. https://teslaownersgroup.co.uk/
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    Thanks for this. I’m another one who doesn’t use Facebook and has no intention of opening a Facebook account.
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