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Free Android app for reviewing and deleting Sentry and TeslaCam videos

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Hey everybody, I already posted this in the Model 3 forum a few days ago but since the rollout has gone well so far I wanted to share with as many Tesla owners as possible.

I have just launched a free Android app for reviewing and maintaining the saved camera events on your car's TeslaCam USB drive. The app is named TeslaCam / Sentry Reviewer and can be found on the Google Play store here:


This requires you to have an OTG adapter to allow you to plug your USB drive into your phone's USB port. Those can be obtained for a few dollars on Amazon or at your local electronics store. Make sure you get the right adapter - many phones use micro-USB ports, but newer phones often use USB-C.

Once you have an adapter, anytime you want to look at Sentry videos or a dashcam recording, you can stop your TeslaCam by holding down the TeslaCam icon on the screen until its recording indicator goes gray. Then pull it out and plug it into your phone/tablet, select the TeslaCam folder in the app, and you will be able to review every dashcam/sentry event on the USB stick.

It supports playback speeds of .5x through 2x, but the quickest way to find an event is to scrub around using the video's progress bar. The app presents a little tab for each of the 1-minute clips that is part of the event, and there are forward/back and beginning/end buttons to navigate from clip to clip quickly.

This is a fresh app, so I'm sure I haven't worked all of the bugs out yet. The best way to do that is to release it to a supportive community and have you guys give me feedback, so please let me know if there's anything you don't like about the app or if you find any bugs.

PS I will probably release a few extra features for the app soon under a 'premium mode' in-app purchase, but all of the basic functionality described here will always be free.
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