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Bend Super Charger - * Cougar Spotted * pay attention to your animals when charging.

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As an FYI to owners with pets, there is a known Cougar that has killed deer near the Tesla Super charger in Bend, OR. "people have spotted the animal at least twice in the past two weeks. The first, on May 6, was in the canal near Fred Meyer in the early morning. " In case you have never been to the super charger, there is like 20' from the parking lot to the canal. Just be aware.



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    I see cougars all the time at my local supercharging station. But only the two legged kind. LOL. Seriously that does sound dangerous.
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    I wish I was a moderator... I would change the word animals in the subject to men.
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    The @OP can edit the title if he wished to do so.

    I concur with @Kerry as reported in a previous thread.
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