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Trying to get a warranty claim taken care of.

It's like pulling teeth with these guys.

There is a "System Failure" clause in my contract that says that Tesla (Solar City at the time) will pay me my lease cost within 30 days if I experience a "System Failure". Then, if at the end of a production year, the system has not met production goals for the year I will be paid $x.xx but that any payment under the "system failure" clause will be deducted from the production guarantee claim.

OK, so I had a 36 days system failure and have requested reimbursement of my lease cost for those 36 days under the "system Failure" provision of the contract but Tesla is completely ignoring the "System Failure" clause and saying that the only money I will be getting is next year if the system hasn't meet the production guarantee for the year.

I call BS. Hey Tesla, let's live up to our deal here. You can weasel your way out of warranty claims on my Model S and 3 as you have been known to do a few times lately, but you can't weasel your way out of this one. So just save us both the headache and send me a check.

Yes, I know that Tesla does not monitor this site and I have already e-mailed all the appropriate Tesla people. It just feels good to vent here before I file a small claims case if necessary.


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