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California PG&E wildfire safety shutoffs

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With PG&E's announcements about shutting off power for extended periods under certain weather conditions, how do we calculate the time our powerwall can keep going?
Has anyone actually shut off their home power to see how long they can go with powerwall and solar?


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    You can log into your PG&E account to get detailed hourly power consumption for your home. Compare that to your Powerwall battery capacity to get a ballpark idea.

    Realistically, when the power goes out, you can stretch the battery power by limiting high power appliances. Everything is an estimate since you could do far worse by charging your EV, running your oven, AC, arc welder, etc... on battery power and drain it in a few minutes (or more likely blow its breakers, since each PW has a max output of 30A).
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    When I first purchased my solar and 2 PW2's, I was waiting for PTO and I shut off my main and ran off grid for 3 weeks in march and april. I couldn't do that in the high temps while running my A/C, but I could most definitely survive for a very long period of time. The only issue we had was our clocks ended up running faster than normal, but that is no big deal!!
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    I have a 5.2 Solar system.
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