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Switch with Raven?

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I bought the 2019 100D on Saturday (5/18). My specific car was built in February 2019. I was incorrectly thinking that this 2019 was the most recent version, but I recently learned that the "current" version is actually built after mid-April and has some significant charging and suspension improvements. So, I am now debating whether to return this one before the coming Saturday and replace it with the Raven. I generally don't drive a lot, but I had gone with the 100D because it was within my price range and sounded like a good choice for the few trips and future resale value.

Now I am debating whether to switch with the standard range Raven version. It will be close to what I paid and the range difference will be 50 miles compared to my current 100D.

Any thoughts/suggestions?


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    What is Raven?
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    @Anthony, it is the code name given to the latest update to the S & X
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    Yesterday Tesla dropped prices on new inventory pre-Raven Model S and X cars. Did you order the car on 5/16 or take delivery then?
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    Correction: the price drop was for all new S/X cars. I was thinking of the free unlimited supercharging promotion, which is for pre-Raven cars only.
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    Correct. Raven is the code name for the latest model.

    I took delivery on 5/18 so I am guessing that I go the lower pricing on my current pre-Raven model...?
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    @farhan: I don't think Tesla generally gives you discounts that go into effect after you take delivery. You might be able to convince them to give you free supercharging. Depending on how much you could save, you could consider returning the car ordering a different one -- maybe Tesla will give you some incentive not to do that.

    When did you order the car?
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    I had a chance to talk to the salesperson and he said that he will be submitting a case to get me the free supercharging. He said that it should be doable.

    Given it was an existing inventory car, I ordered it the same day that I took delivery (5/18).
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