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Four minute wakeup - still happening

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After dealing with the extremely annoying four-minute wakeup wait for a couple of weeks, I thought 2019.12.1.2 had taken care of it. Until yesterday, when it happened again. I (again) contacted tech support, and got this response: "The firmware version containing improvements for this issue is not available yet."

It sounds like this doesn't affect everyone, so of course that makes it harder to diagnose and fix, but it really needs to be a higher priority. For those of us experiencing it, it's a serious problem.


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    Which configuration is your Model S? I had the issue frequently in my 2018 S100D until I updated to one of the 2019.12.x releases, haven’t had it since.
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    It's been happening to me every morning for a week. Very frustrating. If you hold down by scroll buttons on the wheel and hold down brake, the computer resets and comes on after about 30-45 seconds, which is slightly better.
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    @EVRider, mine's the same as yours - mid-2018 S100D.
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    2017 S70D, v2019.16.2 73defec. Same thing. Never as long a 4 minutes but a solid 30-45 seconds. Sounds like 1st world probs. but it's also a $100k car. I would like to hear of a solution.
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    @MezzaLuna: Don’t know why it’s happening to some people but not others, but there have been other problems that only impact some owners. My car also wakes up pretty quickly when I use the mobile app, even if I haven’t driven for a few days. Maybe when you get 2019.16.x the problem will go away.
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    @EVRider, I just installed .16.2, so we'll see. But based on tech support's comment, I'm not counting on it.

    Can we have a show of hands from anyone who's still affected by this? How frequently does it happen to you? Have you had any interactions with tech support about it? Are we getting consistent information from Tesla? How far up the chain has anyone pushed this?
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