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Initial Odometer Reading?



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    Mine was 50 miles. As long as the paperwork lists car as new for resale and insurance, Hopefully it meant someone with QC job drove it to make sure everything worked which is pretty much did. I have issues but fit and finish and everything worked out of the box.
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    When I took delivery, it already had about 140 miles on it. It bothered me for a while - then I forgot about it - then I saw this thread. No it doesn't bother me anymore. Love the car.
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    My M3 only had 8 when I picked it up but the last car I bought, an Audi, had something like 390 on it. That was a dealer trade and was driven from another dealer to the dealer I was buying at...

    Not a big deal either way as new is new..

    Overall I am very happy with the M3 and have no real complaints thus far. I had a minor blemish issue that the SC took care of without any headaches on my part... I do have a rattle on the passenger front seat area that I can't narrow down but I am sure once it's identified, the SC will make quick work of it. Heck I can't think of any car without some type of rattle so not all that worried about it either...
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    Curious as mine is a 2019 based on the VIN and was delivered on March 2019 with 106 miles. I asked the salesperson about a refund because it must have been used as a test drive vehicle. They said they'd look into it and never got back to me. Has anyone ever been refunded due to having over 100 miles on the odometer at delivery?
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    .4 miles.
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    @jonabramson: "Curious as mine is a 2019 based on the VIN and was delivered on March 2019 with 106 miles"
    They have to get it to the delivery center somehow. Do you expect them to airdrop it via helicopter? Logistics is hard.
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